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  1. You can tape one of those long security flashlight on top of it like the SAS did when they Storm the Iranian Embassy.

  2. Bruh, those studs are so ugly. Sci Fi weaponry should be completely smooth like a shark's skin

  3. Vatnik: Byat, I wish it was warmer here.

  4. A waste of money and it going to take 20 years to build at least thanks to mismanagement.

  5. It's been 10 years and I'm still salty about the way they treat her in the final battle.

  6. Oh I remember this now. Minamoto-kun Monogatari, I swear I hated the fucking slow ass rate for that manga and dropped it, esp since there were single digit chapters. Never saw the ending. Also, did the MC get cheated on? I never reached that, who was it?

  7. I believe these are repos made in vietmenese markets to sell to tourists. You can usually tell by the wrap around strap being made from the same material as the pouches.

  8. Well I am from Vietnam so that made sense.

  9. given the comments about quality, why not buy them to use as sacrificial pieces to map out potential mods you'd want to do to a proper milsurp chest rig?

  10. So it's not actually illegal, gotcha 😄

  11. I don't feel like playing this game anymore, have a nice day

  12. Apparently eldar pregnancy requires "multiple injections of paternal genetic material during the process", as Xenology puts it.

  13. Ahh so those smut fic I been reading are true to lore after all.

  14. Hey if it works in the 2nd millennium it will work in the 41st.

  15. Well they did help bomb an Isis training camp.

  16. I hope that pasgt is a replica because the headache and neck pain greatly outweigh the cool factor.

  17. I'm not married yet and don't have a child, but it must be hard to be a parent. Sometime ago, an older friend of mine's 10 year old son asked her this question. She didn't want to refuse to answer the question or give a roundabout ambiguous answer, so she bought a book on sex ed and safety. She diligently taught her son about sex ed and also how to stay away from suspicious people, and how to recognise what actions are correct and which are wrong, and how to protect yourself in that situation. Teaching him was difficult as he has a short attention span and also always gets bored from things very quickly. After three days, he didn't want to study this topic anymore and refused to continue it. Her thought was well intentioned, but I guess this method wasn't suited for him and he also didn't understand its importance yet. But they will have to study it in school, both for their grades and also due to their teachers, peers and school environment promoting and urging it, which will make them realise its importance.

  18. Hey at least your friend try, mine was basically figure it out your self when I ask so now I have crippling porn addiction.

  19. Nope, the reason your country became free of colonization was because of anti-imperialism sentient from the US and USSR. If those two didn’t pressure Europe’s colonial powers to decolonize, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance your country would still be under France’s boot.

  20. Ohh then explains the Indochina war and it sequel.

  21. France would have easily reinstated control over Indochina had they not been pressured by the US into leaving, the same way the US could have easily turned Vietnam into a wasteland had the American public not pressured the government into withdrawing.

  22. No, Tuye is a camel, Heavyrain is a zebra.

  23. You know, for a zebra she is pretty tame.

  24. I know it sad and all but alot of these gun ended up in criminal hands like drug smuggler or violent gang so it better this way. Beside not all of them going to the chomper anyway, some get to be in museum, some refit for msf (militia self defense force), some (unofficially) get send to guerrilla force like the Myanmars.

  25. This remind me of that big monster with a dragon penis in Yugioh.

  26. Although not the case with this video, the reason you see a lot of these kinds of videos from south east Asia, particularly Vietnam, is a direct result of the chemical warfare waged there between the 50s and 70s by America.

  27. Ohh that explains why most of the popping videos are from my country.

  28. Yeah, Whisperrain's based off of Turritospsis Dohrnii, the so-called "Immortal Jellyfish", which reacts to most forms of lethal trauma by physically reverting to it's larval state.

  29. Idk man, that look grandma give might suggest some fun time latter.

  30. Ahh Call of Cthulhu, remind me of the story of that one African ( who became white) former private doctor of the famous Austrian artist turn politician, Adolf Hitler. Who after went insane, made his life goal to bring fourth the 4th Reich but end up blowing up a whole plane of existence with a nuke just to give all Gods, both old and new, the finger.

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