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  2. Um etwas zu kopieren (CTRL+C) und dann einzufügen kann man anstatt (CTRL+V) auch (CTRL+SHIFT+V) nutzen um das kopierte ohne Formatierung, also nur den Text, einzufügen.

  3. Windows+V öffnet ein Menü mit allen Sachen die ihr kopiert habt seit der pc an ist (muss vorher aktiviert werden indem man Windows+V drückt und auf aktivieren)

  4. Why do women always feel the need to say their gender when posting here?

  5. What do u mean ? Is it keyboard typing your animoji or ? Im checking keyboard also cannot,

  6. Or an android phone since you can set that up without root/jailbreak on an android

  7. My gen 1s do that too. When I they’re in the case and still connected and I play music really loud I can hear it coming out of the case

  8. I don’t get why the new case needs this loop thing. Was anyone asking for this?

  9. I think they put it on because almost all the protective cases you can buy for the 1st gen have it

  10. Send it to DriveSavers they can surely get the data off of it

  11. Imma use this as my wallpaper and see how long it takes until someone realised it’s just cables

  12. Yes it does this on every mode even with usb sticks settings also look like this

  13. What is miraculous about this hole and the fact that it is a Galaxy Note 8 of all things, is that it completely missed all of the important components of the device.

  14. That’s an s8 not note 8 the corners of the screen are round the note 8 corners are square

  15. For me, I had an iPod Mini 2nd gen (flash modded to 256GB SD to CF iflash adaptor) with a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32 Ohms and working fine.

  16. Im actually planning to get the exact same headphones so that’s why I asked. How’s the volume on them?

  17. If you look at his first post he’s actually asking how to jailbreak it on a school pc lol

  18. My camera somehow made it look like that it looks different irl

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