1. There's a water shortage here. I'm a bit obsessed with saving water. I'm in and out of the shower in 5 minutes, tops.

  2. This was the last song I listened to in my last shower; I only listened to this one song:

  3. Work on your acting skill and audition for roles as an extra. Sometimes you get hired to be in a movie or tv show based on that. Hiring a agent is also super helpful since you can ask them to find you roles.

  4. I take acting lessons sometimes, but why does the bar never move past orange? What else could I do to improve the acting skill bar?

  5. How do I get said acting skill, when acting lessons don't seem to move the skill bar to the right?

  6. Old, early stage of the fascist invasion when they had their own jamming devices screw their own communications and their own anti-air system was in shambles because of all this. Back when the Bayraktar was on top of it's job. Ukrainian could simply change frequency to intercept the idiotic russians, especially in east of Kyiv, so this type of "conversation" was possible.

  7. Why haven't I heard of the Bayraktar in a long time? How is that drone doing nowadays?

  8. Not private loans, unless you are either able to pay them off, or flee the country.

  9. Can those drones have speakers as well as a listening device, so that there can be a 2 way communication between the drone operator and the surrendering Russian soldiers?

  10. Check out the survival category on zlibrary. Plenty of free ebooks there.

  11. I had this comment on my Saved Comments list and tried to visit again months later.

  12. Inflation after 2,899 years though means it ain't worth much by then...?

  13. The Lord provided the insulin, the family didn't believe that he did. They thought the Lord was going to heal her directly.

  14. Why is your country greedy for even more land, when it has more than enough land already?

  15. Income based payment and if you make 10 years worth of qualifying payments they will forgive the rest if I remember correctly

  16. No solution other than to flee the country and start fresh elsewhere, right?

  17. Yeah, but I hesitated taking the few extra seconds to get on it. But I got on it to get downloads done faster.

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