1. Genital and oral ulasa are symptoms to a lot of different things need to rule them out and there is a criteria you need to meet for bechets after everything else is ruled out

  2. I live a full life most days you would never know I am unwell a few times a year I can’t do anything at all, I sleep a lot and tired often, joints hurt etc but no one would know

  3. I have, they are my freeholder and they basically said do what you want, but that was more garden work but we did a whole renovation didn’t change the layout though they were fine

  4. Behçet’s is one we’re you rule everything out first, I don’t believe if you have tested positive for ANA it will be Behçet’s because that will indicate somthing else, in general with Behçet’s all your bloods come back normal apart from inflammation some people don’t even have high inflammation

  5. Just seen this I know this is a very old post but me! Nothing in the blood tests apart from high inflammation, 14 years later I have Behçet’s

  6. I brought my first place through a friend or my partners dad, we went through Solisiter’s and it was a normal process just no agent so they save the fees that’s all that was different

  7. I just brought a house in probate we didn’t know it was in probate when we made the offer took about 4 months

  8. So when did you find out it was in probate (only after instructing a lawyer?) and did exchange happen subject to probate or did you hold off on exchange until probate was complete?

  9. Just seen this reply, so we found out about probate after all the searches had been ordered I believe and we had to wait to exchange until probate due to not knowing how long probate could take and if there would be any issues with that, we managed to complete just in the 6 months of our MIP

  10. You can get interest free finance at wren I believe for up to 5 years, we did it with our last place paid it off in 2 years

  11. I am the only one in my family with any health condition, I am the same as you symptoms since 16 then got diagnosed at 30, I take immune suppressants and they have massively helped my flair ups not be so bad! I also take colchicine and that’s also helps the ulsas

  12. I agree with above, if you look at the diagnostic criteria you need 3 out of the 5 main symptoms happening at least 3 times a year I believe, like above other things need to be ruled out first because there is not test for Behçet’s and symptoms she has can be caused by lots of different things

  13. Have a look at diognitc criteria you need 3 occasions in a year

  14. This rheumatology stuff is so complicated. I get almost monthly outbreaks of oral sores, but that can also be associated with my Sjogrens diagnoses. I don't know how these doctors weed through these symptoms.

  15. That’s what is hard about Behçet’s all the symptoms can related to other conditions you need to rule out all the others first 😊 long process, if everything else has been ruled out and the symptoms fit then it should be Behçet’s

  16. SS may request police attendance if they feel You are going to be difficult, police can PPO the child but that’s kinda extreme but they do that on behalf of SS I believe

  17. I’d say the problem is likly that when you are self employed you pay tax a year behind, so you pay for prev year so when I went employed I still did a tax return for a year and had to pay the tax for the year before.

  18. I went with uniform Mortages, free for people in certain jobs she was incredible literally call her she’d answer and do it there and then, before this I went direct to nationwide did it myself

  19. I got a ercol sofa in cancer research literally looked brand new £80 it’s still for sale 2nd hand for £1700! if my partners mum had not of gone in that day and noticed the brand I would never of had it! Try some charity shops!

  20. Why would they welfare check? Sounds like he’s completely fine just does not go out much?

  21. First take a breath, Behçet’s is worse with stress can make you flair/ make flairs worse

  22. Thank you! Does my GP need to refer me there? I went on their website and think I might email them directly if I can do a direct referral.

  23. I got my doctor to do a referral took about 6 months to get my first appointment, they only do clinic and Thursday and Friday and people travel all over to come see them, even from other countries so can be long waiting but it’s 100% worth it, for me they confirmed everything and now I feel like I know what’s going on and how to handle it

  24. Werid you say this I was there 2 weeks ago from England for a wedding my hotel was full of them, also not really much to see in Glasgow tourist wise strange

  25. I go to the COE London started going around a year ago, had 2 appointments found the very thorough, I am on the same meds as you, what is the pain you have? As joint pain I don’t believe there is much for, mouth and genital ulsas i have mouth wash and cream but I think the trick is to get the right med combo to stop the symptoms rather than treat them if that makes sence xx

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