1. I wanted to buy a Judy amiibo card to get her, next island I traveled to a found Judy, I also wanted to buy a Chevre amiibo card, next person in my campsite was Chevre

  2. You're telling me you're not high-fiving God whenever you pray?

  3. Also, why spend money, if your gonna be stupid, at least be smart enough to just sit over the seat belt

  4. At my old school you weren’t allowed to carry your backpack around, American things, nobody told me. So I was just like, “why ain’t nobody got a backpack?” Nobody even said anything until the end of the school year

  5. I never watched any of his videos, but I felt that I needed to subscribe even though it doesn’t mean anything anymore

  6. ADHD doesn’t really make me better but it does put me in the 1-3% of people

  7. Why do people clickbait about stuff like this, bro, this ain’t right

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