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  1. Premium Bonds have been around since 1956. The only way you need to worry about your money is if the Bank of England itself collapses. You can buy over the phone or by post, but you’d know that if you’d read the website.

  2. The video is out of date now that the effective rates have changed. Still a good rule of thumb though.

  3. It’s the blurple I want to see the most 😂 it would also be great to have some good in situ photos rather than the stock images. What do they look like in glass stems? etc.

  4. Polished is what I’m erring towards too, I’d love to see the blurple though. I don’t want to wait to see photos on Reddit, decide, and then find out they have sold out for the next year again 😂

  5. They’re the captain of a ship with black sails and a skull and crossbones flag.

  6. Rent an Aston Martin DB5 for a day and have fun pushing some of the secret buttons.

  7. They're part of an easter egg, I believe you need to visit each one in a specific sequence and activate a hidden switch. The next step hasn't been discovered yet

  8. I'm not a CPA or anything like that but here is some info on the UK gift tax:

  9. Thank you. This is useful. I’ve found it difficult because at the moment we are not spouses/(spice?). If we we’re already married it would be easy.

  10. Another thought - is there now way for her to set up an account in the UK in her own name and transfer the funds to herself for the time being?

  11. Unfortunately not, it will mess up her visa process when she applies.

  12. Lol yeah.. I was given endless "free" bracelets in Rome and then afterwards they would always try to get something from me.

  13. My missus and I are marrying soon and planning our once in a lifetime trip to Japan for the honeymoon :)

  14. Trimming very precise stripes in my hair.

  15. Never heard of anything that tasty tastes sweet. What’s it’s THC/CBD ratio?

  16. Loads on rqs that taste sweet, at least 43 on there. Cookies gelato for example with 28% thc and low cbd.

  17. OP said one strain. ‘Anything that tastes sweet’ isn’t a strain, ‘cookies gelato’ is. I was making the point that OP didn’t answer their own question.

  18. This is incorrect information, there is no limit to how much you can transfer out along as you prove you have paid tax on it.

  19. Is it just Chinese nationals who have the $50000 annual limit? I assumed it was everyone in China.

  20. Just Chinese nationals, the ordinary ones, I presume there is a way for the rich to get it out.

  21. The rich don’t have rules here 😂 it makes it extra difficult working with their kids who believe this.

  22. Coughing up for the return flight home after 3 years away. That bit is not great. COVID testing daily is getting normal now. The threat of lockdown if you travel in country, or if you have someone judged a close contact in your building sucks.

  23. I went to the flagship store in Amsterdam. It was pretty good! There were loads of sample machines where, when the sample tray is empty, you pull an arm and loads more drop out. All of the flavours you could want and more.

  24. Work on capital letters and correct punctuation. It will make you seem intelligent, plus there is no reason to have poor punctuation and grammar with autocorrect on your phone …

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