1. I have an asexual flag, asexual pin and a top that says, "I've got an ace up my sleeve, it's me. I'm ace."

  2. I first found the 4Kids dub of S1-3 in the early 2000s and watched it. Then I didn't see any more of the show until the Nickelodeon dub of S3 and S4 came out. I continued with watching season 5.

  3. Yes. I don't mind whether my partner(s) is cis or trans. I'm also non binary.

  4. I headcanon Bloom, Stella and Flora from Winx Club as trans girls, Tecna from Winx Club as non binary, Robin Scherbatsky as a trans girl and Luz Noceda from The Owl House as a demigirl.

  5. 1 once my pre-order gets here. I had G1 Frankie, Clawdeen, Robecca, Twyla and Elissabat when I was younger but I don't have them anymore because my granddad gave them and my other dolls to a charity shop a few years ago.

  6. For me, it's like feeling cold in my chest. Before I realized it was dysphoria, it felt like there was a feeling of vague distress that I couldn't pinpoint and over time as I became aware that it was dysphoria, it turned into feeling cold.

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