1. 1000% agree. I play Ana/Mercy when I do support for comp. And it really is constant toxicity from my own teammates. It’s like bro…do you want heals or no. I don’t quite understand why this is the new dynamic to bag on your healers when it’s themselves who are doing bad. It wasn’t always like this back in ow 1 and players were glad they had healers. This is why I have my voice chat off for ranked. Wish I could turn off chat too. I really loved comp back then and it’s really sad cuz the community is even more toxic then it used to be.

  2. 🥹🥹🥹 thank you!!! I love the pun 😂

  3. It’s super comfy and cute! Very easy to wear too

  4. Hi there! Are you looking for guests at the moment for your podcast?

  5. Hi there! Are you still looking for summer guests by any chance?

  6. Wait isn't that all might's suit? did I miss something in the new season? I haven't watched it yet

  7. It is an all mights suit! I just wanted to try something different than my normal genderbend deku and see how it would go 😊 I got many cool photos with all might too! It was very fun

  8. Hi there! Would you be interested interviewing someone in the music industry?

  9. Mmm stretchy nylon or spandex? Maybe black mesh? I know it may look silly but you can go to the fabric store and put them over your face lol The people at the counter also are often quite helpful so definitely ask them too!

  10. I would say if you’re comfortable with it, go for it!! It all depends what expectations you have for yourself! I just cosplay for fun even though it isn’t perfect but as long as I get to be my favorite character, I’m glad I got myself out of my comfort zone and be who I liked. I wanna say, have no regrets on what you decide and go with the flow :)

  11. Hi there! Do you have an email we can contact you?

  12. I hope it’s ok that I place this here. Thank you for the interest.

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