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  • By - dvli

  1. Controversial : sunscreen. I have a sensitivity to phenoxyethanal. For a few years I could just about tolerate it on only on product on my face. This past summer and something changed. Face became swollen, read, itchy and sore. Doc gave me steroids and anti histamine shots. Told to use a mineral based SS. I really can't with the ashy. Going to have to find something before a trip in Jan, closer to the equator. Bah.

  2. Bioderma had reformulated a lot of their mineral sunscreens! You can find it at Boots for less than £20!

  3. Thanks but there is no way to make mineral sunscreen not show as chalk on my skin. The physical nature of zinc and titanium dioxide as sun ray barriers, means it can not sink in nor disappear as well as a chemical sunscreen.

  4. Dogs are co dependant as fuck. Horrible people do some grim shit to dogs and they will still be imprinted on that person. It is sad. I love doggo's though, at least care when you return home.

  5. Ok we joke, but my mom grew up in a predominantly Muslim country that had been colonized by the British. She always thought Christianity was this crazy death cult marching around with a dead guy on a stick.

  6. Is part of the plan not to admit that she is dead already?

  7. A scented candle and matches are essential travel items for me. 👀💨

  8. Bread, wheat flour cooked any which way, will descend my abdomen to 6 months pregnant size. I now have hernias, contributed by eating bread and sugary comfort foods. I have othe chronic health conditions and clinical depression and anxiety because of IBS & pain and and and....

  9. Tell me about the taste nerd! Walk me through it. Flavorfize me.

  10. Yea clay is annoying to he always questioning someone damn near every episode then apologizing saying oh I shouldn’t be questioning you it’s not my place like dude that got old the first 10 times…AND WHAT YOU MEAN SONNY ON COKE!!

  11. I know it’s a show but in real life sonny would’ve been off the team

  12. Hmmmm I am not so sure... millions have been invested into Devgru operators and Sonny is old school. If the Navy can be aware of fucked in the head team leaders who like to canoe skulls, scalp people and murder un armed minors; a coke blow out, abrasive and self medicating personality such as Sonny, would be given many chances. Until it became public then he would be on his own and with his issues, it would prob result in him chewing a barrel. It isn't 'right' but all's fair and all of that.

  13. Thirty Mike was an annoying plot progreesor. There are plenty of those in life, pessimistic and quick to blame others. I can name plenty at work

  14. Let’s be real every time we here “Listen up” we all pay attention that much more.

  15. I have sourced a VPN (? I have no clue on technical shit, but like military shows, go figure) to watch this in my country, UK from the 18th.

  16. i’ll be honest this is me. i’ll be making breakfast thinking about what’s for dinner…. in three days

  17. Me. Only I believed the hype. The mask that is, all jazz hands and shit. No I'm actually introvert who gets exhausted in big social situations and needs a lot of down time to replenish. No wonder I was a beast at parties, the drink n drugs just fuelled the jazz hands and enabled me to stay there. Otherwise I would've just cancelled last minute.

  18. Essence of military for TV. A bit like a cologne that smells like the Ocean.

  19. I do think the cultural swing for divination is moving away from a "part of the whole" that a psychological perspective on the use of tarot has. In the last 100+ yrs with the rise of psycho analysis and such like, enabled the continued use by the everyday person concepts that have been delivered using Archetypes in Astrology and Tarot. For that I am grateful.

  20. Having "come of age" metaphysically in the very early days of the "New Age" (mid-60s), I observed a long, slow decline in open-mindedness as ideas became strait-jacketed into accepted norms, especially after the "money men" became involved in selling them. Lately, I've kind of "leapfrogged backwards" over that mindset and gone back to earlier assumptions.

  21. Totally agree, to make something marketable there has to be a concensus amoung the community of people who would buy into it. So the "metaphysical" department of any publishing company needs the steadfast rules. It is really annoying but it is Capitalism. Some people complain and the retort to that is " you have a choice" .

  22. Earlier this year a friend didn't listen to my many excuses why she couldn't visit. I was deep in the well, I'd stopped bathing and generally caring, I nearly didn't make it.

  23. I think back when I was learning the cards, it was easy to conflate meanings with what what my anxieties were about at the time. In hindsight I wish I didn't do so many readings for myself and kept my learning and practice to something a lot more gentle.

  24. I absolutely hate when someone questions my interpretation. I am always open to discuss the interpretation, but question me because it isn’t what you want to hear. A friend always asks for readings and then argues with me over my interpretation. I’m literally telling you what the card means and how it relates to what you’re asking, but I’ve skewed it somehow because it isn’t what they want to hear. They twist it to fit their narrative and it just drives me up a wall. I’m also not allowed to use my most reliable deck with this friend because they say the cards are “mean”. Not my fault they tell it like it is and you don’t like it.

  25. I don't read for those friends. I just say I am not the reader they need.

  26. You shuffle while focusing on them. They cut the deck. An honest mix of cards then.

  27. Can't comment on the others but tbh basically all the Mexican (not even Latin generally but specifically Mexican) occult types I know who work with La Flaca LOVE that Santa Muerte deck. Is it super accurate? Probably not but none of them care. Like. Literally none of them. And some of these people are like...rough and tumble macho hombres that I'm sure a lot of internet-y people don't even think of as being into magic/witchcraft/divination, but they very much are.

  28. Thanks that makes me feel better. Cause for me it reads like a dream.

  29. Ummm everybody is different. I personally keep a journal with my single card Gratitarot draw for the day. As for readings, I find less is more. I was doing deep dive readings at least once a week for 18months and it was too much. I have ADHD and can hyper fixate on stuff. Especially the shadow shit.

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