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  1. Come on stop this bs with 1 € stop lying 🤥 it doesn’t go instantly to 1€ . It’s a great community and we will do wonderful moves a hopefully go to that 1€ but that wil take years

  2. If Dogecoin goes to $5, it won’t need to go to the Moon. We will be able to buy the moon.

  3. Nope he will be a millionaire while moonboys get wrecked

  4. He’s paid to do that shit. He didn’t get what he wanted inside, someone noticed that, used his devilish guts. Don’t ever trust that name. Empty can, makes noise.

  5. TGL/ Vegas are holding hands behind scene. DK within us, blessing and a curse… pay as you go.

  6. Per Ed, LUNC said s not totally off TFL, and be talking more, so DK wants LUNC back, I’ll say that’s his logistical strategy.

  7. guys you are thinking too big. i have also lunc. but also lost lots of money during the crash. so dont think too big. its the same luna which crashed brutaly guys, this can happen again 😉

  8. no i am holding! but i am not hyping on it any more

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