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  1. Yup. Depending on where you live, it should be either on Disney+ or Hulu. I'd suggest you use the JustWatch app to search for info like this. People on this sub hate answering questions like this.

  2. Since the Xbox runs Windows kernel and it's apps should be WUA,I honestly don't understand how companies like Disney delay things so much...

  3. Disney+ in Middle East and Africa, and in a few countries in Asia like India, Indonesia, Thailand etc. isn't the same as the Disney+ in North America, South America and Europe. It's a completely different service in these places with just the name and content of the service being the same everywhere.

  4. How are the Nat Geo and Marvel Studios show Disney+ Originals? FX also has a production arm, it's not just a network.

  5. I think I may be in the minority by having this as my least favorite show lol

  6. Yeah I'm with you. It finally put me off so much that I haven't watched anything set in the MCU after this show. I'm still up for a second season of Loki though. That show was my favourite one.

  7. Most Hulu and FX shows are available on Disney+ in Canada. Although let me warn you that a lot of FX shows premiere on Disney+ a little late (sometimes weeks or months) because of FX’s old contracts with other cable channels in Canada.

  8. Amazon is part of the companies that are currently boycotting the Danish industry because of the demands of the Create Denmark Union.

  9. Bruh! I have nothing to do with Hotstar. I'm just some rando who posts here. XD

  10. Nope. There's no option to watch Hotstar in 4K. Although if you have Windows 11 then try using the Android TV app via WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android). That might still be dependent on Google Play Services and may not work properly but it's worth trying once at least.

  11. That sucks. The 1.5k premium plan is worthless if you use laptops to watch stuff

  12. That's the case for all streaming services that don't have a native Windows app. Except for the real Disney+. They have a Windows app but it's just a PWA. So it doesn't support 4K videos.

  13. They recently moved all the Hotstar content to Hulu in the US. So you can either subscribe to Hulu or find a VPN that Hotstar doesn't detect. I use Nord VPN and Hotstar definitely detects that one. Try Windscribe, I used to use it but I don't remember if Hotstar detects it or not.

  14. Voot is shit. They don't even have hd support. Their video quality is 480p max. There are no good shows. Most of the shows are B grade adult content with zero substance.

  15. They recently added support for videos up to 1080p. A lot of the content has already been upgraded to 1080p.

  16. I don't care anymore let them bring it when they are ready... 😔

  17. They already clearly have the feature ready. They aren't making it available in countries with Disney+ Hotstar. I tried the MEA app made by Hotstar and I was able to create profiles with that account so the infrastructure clearly exists.

  18. Seems like ZEE5 and Hotstar have made a long term deal to release their movies on Hotstar after sometime on ZEE5

  19. Nope. Zee5 only has the Kannada version whereas it seems like Hotstar has independently acquired the Hindi dubbed version of the film.

  20. I heard the movie is really good and the world building is awesome. Is it true?

  21. They won't. Hulu only has the US distribution rights for that show. International distribution for Handmaid's Tale is handled by MGM which is owned by Amazon and the show is available on Amazon in most countries.

  22. Lol still waiting for a proper Orville Season Three. New Horizons, no thank you, sir.

  23. It was proper season three. Just because they added an extra two words to the name doesn't make it a spin-off. LOL.

  24. The Digital Fix legit, straight up stealing a week old Gizmodo article:

  25. Yup, at first I thought it was a syndicated article but it credits a different person for writing the article. Such shameless stealing of articles!

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