1. Numbers don't really mean much. The highest % terp hemp strains I've had have all been outdone by others with a lower % but better genetics. The strains lineage and pheno selection means a lot more in the outcome than pure % if the high amounts of terps aren't desired.

  2. Yuh we saying the same thing different words wouldn't you agree that a veteran outdoor grower or at least living soil grower comes out more complex if not tastier like you can really taste the earthyness

  3. With marijuana yes. California outdoor marijuana can be better than the best indoor hemp. Cookies uses some outdoor and greenhouse flower and nobody knows. But that's because the genetics are decades old and refined to perfection, and grown by master growers who have been growing for decades.

  4. Tbh your reviews lead me to buying outdoor and not much of a difference to me except price wise and looks maybe but I like the wnc outdoor fruity loops more than the pink panther indoor all I have to compare from same growers

  5. Are you just asking to get robbed or what? If you wanna throw away some $, I am currently accepting donations.

  6. Damn that's a shame can't even do research without someone doing fraudulent activity smh we gotta put a stop to this shit

  7. Lol I give an older lady at my local gas station some free bud sometimes. She likes to smoke but can't afford too. Everyone I've every introduced to these really enjoy how tasty it is.

  8. Free always taste good I'm wondering is it worth that crazy price

  9. I just copped some blue cookies from snapdragon it’s 🔥🔥

  10. I feel that! It seems like the best strains end up being the most limited. I really like FLOW from Flow Gardens, and damn if that shit didn’t drop super rarely and sell out immediately. Plus, we were limited to 1 item per strain, so you had choose between gambling for a half and maybe losing out and getting nothing, or going for less than you really wanted, just to ensure that you got something. Glad we were both able to land some of the Cherry Pie; enjoy it friend!

  11. This stuff is killer, as soon as I got it out of the vacuum seal bag , before I got any bud out it smelled up my whole apartment. And I was actually surprised , I got pretty lit off of one good sized bong. I actually didn’t smoke for another hour or so after that because the buzz was so nice, can’t remember the last time a strain had that much of an effect on me . Even from a dispensary. Well done wilted well done

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