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  1. Yes, I did it all through zoom with the agent. I love the area and it’s 15 minutes from work but if I could have seen it in person I probably would have passed and looked a little longer. Time was running out though and rates were going up. All in all we’re happy, it’s not a forever home though.

  2. Happens when you play the aints, the Cardinals with Colt McCoy, the rams, and the banged up Chargers…that stat is very misleading…the last time they actually played a team with a competent offense was against the chiefs and I don’t even think I need to say what happened there…

  3. I think their defense is going to be a lot tougher then you’re giving them credit for but maybe I’m wrong. Good luck this weekend.

  4. Their defense is solid but when faced with an elite offense they crumble

  5. Not many defenses stand up well to Mahomes and the Chiefs offense.

  6. My tenants dropped something into our under mount granite sink and cracked it. To have the old one removed and new one installed was $300 alone. $250 for a sink and dishwasher install is really cheap.

  7. Awful. I’ll give you two Dub-Mythlits and a pack a Marlboro Lights for her, best I can do! 😂

  8. I'm on the same boat, we're you able to find any replacement?

  9. I’m going to try D.Belial assuming the awoken clear active is needed. He does solid damage and had a low CD active. His damage output won’t match planar but we’ll see if it matters. Where you miss out is Collab cards give 5x stats which will prob hurt but we’ll see.

  10. Oh didn't realize they were buffed. I was like damn this dungeon hits hard

  11. Pattie getting the 5x Team HP awakenings (25% Team HP) after transformation is really nice

  12. Huge. And having 10.5K hp after transform herself is nuts

  13. I haven’t used pattie at all so how would you use her? Is she a no damage stick with a fujin with big hp pool and awakenings? Kinda feels bad that she doesn’t have any atk but I guess she fills in other niche. Please let me know.

  14. She’s a massive stack stick with 25% team HP awakenings, a full board change with unlock and 2 turn absorb / att absorb on 5 turn CD. Im going to use her on a Daytona team personally but looks like she could work on Milletia or Saphira as well. Definitely lacks damage but the stats and active cover a lot and definitely help with HP thresholds that Daytona teams struggle with.

  15. A free equip with a decent active and +10% team hp’s is nice.

  16. Spam and canned spinach. We ate it 3-4x/week when I was young. The smell of spam frying makes me nauseous and I haven’t eaten it for 35 years.

  17. ...not to touch the wound... but what led you to trade a 9* seasonal?! 😵

  18. I had it for a year and never used it. With the new evo I’d give it a try. I normally hold onto all of my 7* and higher seasonals because you’re right you never know.

  19. The ones on Etsy are reprints. Depending on the condition of yours the “textured lithograph” ones are not the same thing. I posted a picture of an Akira poster that I bought in 97 on here a couple weeks ago and then did some research and looked around online and ended up finding a copy of it for sale on eBay for over $300. The same reprint on Etsy of mine was only $25 as well.

  20. Thanks man and happy to help. I was going to sell it then decided I’d rather frame it and put it up for the first time 25 years after buying it.

  21. If you’re using an iPhone, you can possibly go into a previous iOS backup before you deleted it and might be able to restore it that way.

  22. Just search UN2 there are tons of builds and links posted.

  23. And nobody is fucking with the numbers at twitter like they do at YouTube.

  24. Do they have to be welded on? Would you consider shipping them?

  25. Yes welded and I’d prefer local pickup or meeting someone halfway. Shipping is going to be very expensive it’s large and very heavy.

  26. Over half of the clears I've seen run Thanos and most of the ones that don't use Kaido. But neither is strictly required to just beat the dungeon once. There are a handful of NA friendly (ie, no One Piece subs/equips) clears you could use as examples that don't run him:

  27. I think I’m gonna pass on trading for him and save the fodder in hopes of OP coming. The second link you posted is a team I can make so gonna go that route personally. He does like nice though and the equips are solid.

  28. I’m back down to 1 after using the 50 I had to max out two teams. Farming SANRIO dream labyrinth solo starting today to pick a couple up.

  29. Me too man. I even traded 10 black medals for x2 Garou in hopes of landing him at some point but no luck. I managed to pull Chrollo so can leader swap him in but most teams using Chrollo as lead still have a BB as a sub. He’s the only one of the transforming leads I haven’t pulled yet.

  30. I’m actually the same lol. Although I only traded for one garou but I got lucky in the free pulls and got Chrollo. If I got one then I’ll at least be happy about that so I could do chrollo/blackbird

  31. Have you tried Chrollo and LS’ing him in with MA Paimon for the 7x6 board ? I don’t have black bird either but I’ve ran that team a bunch and not only is it fun but it’s really strong and gave me an opportunity to use one of the Garou I traded for it. Would definitely be better with my own black bird though.

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