1. I wish pb was so healty and “needed” to build muscle. I think it is because of this that I cannot lose weight. I start my day with 4 slices of bread with jam, it is dope, I cannot stop! But I really don’t think you NEED this

  2. I cannot send the ball out of the court with a x3, but IMHO you need technique and muscle strength, the racket adds only a 5% . The racket comfort helps too, not only the power. You can see this video:

  3. I dont think there's an exact answer to your question, but for me I guess it depends on the type of shot.

  4. I think this is the correct answer . For the main part you have to hold it very tight

  5. I understand that this is a joke, but to be honest, PETA is one of the most useless and harmful organizations.

  6. It seems like a nice idea to me, but: padel is a niche sport and followed by really few persons, and reddit is a niche social network used by few people (mainly Americans, where padel is a spanish/sud american sport). So I think the response will be like this sub or less. What you can do is to post more on this sub and hope to create interesing posts

  7. Bleah! That’s disgusting! How can we drink a fluid from another animal?!! They are crazy to think about it…. Ehm… wait a minute

  8. I don’t like Coello’s style and I think Ale and Lebron to be more close together as a team. Bela is a very good player anyway, he has precision, power and steady nerves

  9. What don’t you like about Coellos style? I know he wanna end the points quickly but I feel like Bela is kinda old school and wanna build it up slowly.

  10. I don’t know for sure but he seems like a bit rough and not so “polished”. I don’t know how to describe it

  11. 11 years vegan, currently doing a MAPS fitness and mobility rehab program after a bad car crash in july 💓

  12. Good question, but I don’t think it is the right sub to ask

  13. theres been some good responses so far

  14. I see a lot of truth in this ideology. I have a son and I see why you should really be ready and prepared to have one. It is freaking hard to be a good parent and the world usually sucks. In the beginning I would like to have 2 kids. Now I would never have another one. I love him but now more than ever I think that having a kid is not necessary and my life would be more easy. I don’t think everyone should be antinatalist but I think everyone should be well aware of what it is doing and knowing of the sacrifices it requires (also in terms of climate change if you don’t teach him/her enough)

  15. Il pubblico italiano di reddit non è di certo: “quello che ascoltano gli italiani”. Se vedi su spotify la top ten italiana non ha nulla a che vedere con i commenti in questo post. Vedo tanto metal, gruppi undergound, etc. Mi sono iscritto anche io al gruppo. Comunque ascolto qualcosa di quasi tutti i generi a parte alcuni tipo trap e reggae. Il mio genere preferito comunque è il progressive metal (Tool, The ocean, leprous, rishloo, Cynic, Animals as leaders, etc…). Di musica italiana bon disdegno Marta sui tubi, Fask, verdena, the zen circus, teatro degli orrori, e tanti altri). Il mio cantautore preferito invece è De Andre. Comunque ci sarebbe da parlare per ore di musica :)

  16. Yes, I would like to get rid of it completely, someone suggested to have a liquid version of a soap bar . Thanks

  17. Thanks for the summary ;) maybe I needed only the clear my mind

  18. Non odia te, sente minata la sua mascolinità (tossica) perché ha tentato di baciare quello che nella sua testa è un uomo.

  19. Concordo in pieno, è solo paura. Paura che si trasforma in odio. Nella maggior parte dei casi qualcosa di represso, che nella sua testa mina la sua mascolinità

  20. I use the tangie foaming hand soap. Comes as a bar of soap in compostable packing you just add water let it sit and put it into a foaming soap container and you’ve got foaming hand soap waste free

  21. You’ve already got the bottle, if it’s refillable I would just look into a closed loop refill option and you can get the best of both worlds. Acknowledging that while many in this community wouldn’t flinch over a bar soap, guests who are not zero waste may not have the same understanding.

  22. You are welcome. Feel free to ask anything. What is your main struggle? Taste or social?

  23. Health reasons... Ive genetic condition disorder NF1... So in order to be healthy i want to change my diet

  24. I’m not asking why you are changing diet (because we are happy of you not eating meat), I’m asking what is your struggle

  25. Prima di dire: “specifici” ci penso sempre un attimo per paura di sbagliare con “specificHi”

  26. I use to mix unflavoured with flavoured protein, balancing them until I can handle the taste. I add also 125ml of soy milk and 125ml of almond milk (unsweetened too). I don’t like so much the sweet taste and I find this to be less sweet. I also use this technique to reduce artificial sweeteners income

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