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  1. They have to. Right? It’s the only sane reason to have that reaction

  2. I have a trailrunner exactly like the model pictured and like it just fine. I chose it because it has a standard wheelbase and will take any other 12.3” wb body, plus I got a killer deal at my lhs. The knight runner is cool but it will always have to be a knight runner and I like to mix things up

  3. I started with axial kits and loved each one. When vp started dropping their own I jumped in, the quality is second to none. Element looks to make great rigs too and I have a trail runner but it doesn’t have the same feel as vp.

  4. I have a few rigs running mamba with the 2850 slate and they are great. The most recent uses the copperhead with the same motor and so far I’m favoring the latter. Do your research and pick what fits your budget. Happy trails

  5. What kinda ladies are you dealing with my guy? 😭

  6. Ah well.. sounds like a congratulations is in order. Make sure to have yourself a nice divorce party. 🥳

  7. This is exactly how the problem started only in reverse

  8. Wait, I thought all junks in Japan are pixilated. The internet lied to me again

  9. Wait are straight men appropriating gay culture? That’s so wrong!

  10. It’s what straight white men do, with a broner nonetheless

  11. How that lift reached so high and so far with the couch, 2 men AND their huge balls is beyond me.

  12. I’m new to this page and happy to be here! Your work is fantastic sir and for lack of a better term, this makes my daddy parts tingle

  13. OP congrats on being the 47th repost!! We appreciate your efforts in showing the death of original thought, kudos

  14. I think I know exactly who this man is talking about!

  15. AR is a name, should we call every semi automatic pistol an assault pistol? Noop

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