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  1. I have more male friends than female. I could get very touchy with them but we know where to draw the line. Might take pics to make fun of the cringe couple but no not this far

  2. Forgetting that feminism is about equality and does not necessarily mean suppressing men

  3. Some isolate themselves way too much, and mostly learn about the world online from lonelier and more isolated boys and men. This can lead them to develop a warped and inaccurate perspective filled with rage, resentment, and hate for themselves and for others.

  4. When I smoke weed on a regular basis, I feel more comfortable with myself alone to a point that I almost cut contact with everyone I’d hangout with on a usual and talk to just 2 persons

  5. Not really. I’m usually extroverted and go out a lot. It starts to get lonely at a point cause I actively avoid people. I end up lying that I have plans just to sit at home and smoke up.

  6. I love how some cultures justify beating someone to death in the cruelest ways, cold bloodedly, for killing someone. Rapists- and pedophile rapists, okay go ahead, it's after all the worst of the worst crimes.

  7. Sometimes I feel like humans deserve a real hard slap to get rewired in the head to factory settings and start thinking straight. Gotten one, given one. Worked both the times :)

  8. I vividly remember back when we were in high school and he was walking by my class from the lab. He gave me a smile while removing his lab coat off and that was the moment I fell for him.

  9. I know there’s alot of dark and toxic stuff that happen around me and to people I know. I also know that people around me could be doing nasty things I can’t think of. But I like to believe that the world around me is bright and everyone around me is a good person.

  10. Best friend from high school turned into my boyfriend. I was scared that I was too young to fall in love w him and dumped and ran away from him. 4 years, self loathing and failed relations later, I met him again. After avoiding each other for 4 years, I met him again and fell in love with him way harder than before. And this time I don’t want to run away from him.

  11. i don't think it's a kink. My ex used to like that too. It wasn't because he liked pee, very far from it. He found it nice that I was so comfortable with it. It's like a domestic thing for him. It's like we gotten to a point where we're comfortable w everything. Or maybe idk the whole story here lol

  12. Exactly. My boyfriend and my cat follow me to the washroom together whenever I need to piss. One finds me more attractive when he sees me do regular human activities and the other finds the need to protect me.

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