1. Nope. Lower scope mounts aren't comfortable for every person on every rifle. Lower being automatically better is an outdated concept in long range shooting, and I will point it out every chance I get so people (especially newer shooters) stop trying to treat their scopes like a lowrider.

  2. IMO once you have DOPE on your rifle it doesn’t matter.

  3. If you're using a ballistics solver it always matters.

  4. Get the standard Bergara HMR and put the rest of your budget into your optic and ammo.

  5. That’s what I’m leaning towards.

  6. I'd say you'd be remiss to skip at least considering the Bushnell Match Pro, as well.

  7. Contact Ecco Machine and get on their wait list. They'll cut out the original 51T and weld in a threaded tube that will let you run damn near any mount you want. I had them do my SDN6 and it made that can worth using again.

  8. It was a year when I got on it in 2020, and I sent my can in to them late 2021. Not sure what the current backlog is. That said, you don't send the can in until they're ready to do the work (they do them in batches), and I had mine back in about 2 weeks from when I sent it in.

  9. Oh yeah I love this bipod. It's got the notched legs and swivels which is nice. I just need a pod lock for it which helps lock out the swivel feature.

  10. Please, for the love of all things Cheeto-worthy, get an actual KMW PodLoc and not one of the cheap knock-offs. If you do and you're especially good, Terry might show up in the night to praise you while wearing his Magnum PI shorts.

  11. The Brass is mixed but all hornady. Mostly ELD Match, ELD-x, and ELD hunter brass. I am pulling all of this brass off the the side until I find the best way to sort. Until then I will start with a fresh batch

  12. Hornady brass isn't the most consistent stuff lot to lot. You either need to buy a bunch from one lot and hope it's a good lot, or go to better brass.

  13. In my opinion, set the Tikka up for hunting and buy a different rifle for matches. Obviously it's not going to be a cheap option, but you'll get better results in both ventures in the long run by doing so.

  14. That is a great suggestion and I appreciate it. I think that maybe will be happening eventually, but I’m not quite sure as I like having fewer guns and just being super used to it and I’m also not super worried about being super competitive in matches, I just do it to build my own skills.

  15. Here's something to consider - skill building is easier with a heavier rifle as you've found. It's also easier with a heavier barrel (more consistent and won't walk under heating and cooling) as well as a muzzle brake.

  16. Is the bolt head swappable on the Mac Bros? I have been thinking on using a Zermatt Bighorn, mostly because i have 15 Savage barrels. I liooked at the Mac but none were available

  17. The gen 2 is apparently swappable bolt knob as they even have different ones available

  18. The other commenter was asking about the bolt head, not the knob.

  19. if you want to use hold over for wind and elevation without using either knobs then you will want a recticle like termor 3 etc where there are hash mark for wind and elevation. This is what most of the guys that are shooting gongs at my club uses very quick once you get used it the busy recticle.

  20. Tremor reticles aren't the only ones with wind holds below center, and there's lots of them that are far less busy as well.

  21. Yes this just to show the type of recticle that would work. There are plenty out there , and probably cheaper too.

  22. Get the X. I have one in 30-30 and it's an awesome suppressor host.

  23. What’s with the new flair yo

  24. Nvm I just realized I wasn’t in longrange lol

  25. It's a good deal, but if the rifle is good for you depends on what you wanna use it for.

  26. When the system doesn't know what to tell you for an estimate, it defaults to the current estimate for new orders. Give it a few days and it'll update.

  27. They're not accepting new orders until 23 in the US. Has nothing to do with when existing orders will be delivered.

  28. Wow. This looks good. Will need to start reading their stuff.

  29. Alternatively, you can sign up for the academy website, they have podcast versions of all the content of the first two books and a couple of the chapters of this one.

  30. Yep. Shouldn't be hard to figure out what chapters will have me sitting back with snacks and alcohol when it's released, either. There will be some pretty epic social media meltdowns.

  31. Wait…. What? They for real said this? And renaming the car doesn’t reboot it. Changing the language or the wheels will, but not the name. I think they just politely called you an asshole. Lol

  32. It's a way to trigger an easter egg that, as a byproduct, restarts the theater mode app(s).

  33. If your delivery date range starts shrinking by a day or two every few days, then it's OK to get excited.

  34. I was thinking about having an initial zero at 75 which will easily take me out to 600 (6.5CM 140gr Hornady) then a second zero at 650 (50clicks up from the 75 zero) that’ll take me to 1000

  35. Zero at 100 and dial corrections, dude. You're making things way more complex than needed.

  36. Is a Zero Stop useful if you'll mostly be doing range shooting? Trying to decide if engaging it is worth it.

  37. Yes. I typically set my zero stops .5-1 mil below my actual zero to allow room to tweak zero if changing ammo, etc.

  38. Thanks brother, I've heard they can be finicky with the seating depths, have you found that to be the case?

  39. Not sure where you heard that from, as half the point of the Hybrid/LRH design is to make them NOT picky about seating depth. The 109s in my GT definitely don't give a shit. I haven't personally run the 144s, but I'd be shocked if they were picky in any way.

  40. Thanks. I guess there's always someone spouting shit on the internet. That's why I figured I'd put my own questions out there.

  41. I'd suspect that if someone said they found the LRHTs to be particular about jump, they fell victim to not doing adequate enough testing, and their limited data set led them to an incorrect conclusion.

  42. Inside 200 yards, 22LR can be a great option for learning the basics. The biggest problem with 22LR is it will absolutely let you slack off on recoil management fundamentals and build bad habits without knowing it. Those bad habits can take a long time to break when you switch over to centerfire.

  43. Some subreddit have their bots set up so that when someone makes a "quality"post, the mods can award them a flair that counts their contributions to the sub.

  44. I live in the middle of the lower 48. I’m willing to drive any direction within 24 hours. That pretty much only eliminates anything above Maryland on the east coast and northwest Washington state. I’d still he willing to travel further for the right class.

  45. I'd suggest looking up JTAC Training in Oklahoma on Facebook and keep an eye out for their next class, then.

  46. I'll pick nits on this one - they say they wanted to remove environmental impacts from the test, but used a 22LR at 200 yards. IMO, that's pretty far from removing environmental impacts.

  47. No performance difference. No concern with height over bore. Cheek height depends a lot on the shape of your head.

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