1. They can be used but are less effective in almost every way. A suppressed .22 will out perform any small air rifle and any other rifle will out perform a big bore air rifle. So while they can get the job done they just do so slower and with less power.

  2. Public school kids will never know what is like having afternoons free

  3. I started mine at 2 with air guns, if they're old enough to open things and explore they should know what not to touch and the consequences of touching forbidden things.

  4. I'm gonna say no but since they were at one point a hobby of mine I have plenty on hand.

  5. It's a lot easier to buy stuff than it is to lose weight and learn how to grow your own food.

  6. I've never needed one but I'm sure a local fabrication shop or off road shop could make you a set

  7. This is just an opinion but since the chief end of man is to bring glory to God a longer life will give us more chances to do so ultimately fulfilling our purpose and bringing joy upon ourselves.

  8. But what if you are not happy in this world

  9. Then don't be of the world. I know it's easier said then done but it still stands, if our goal in life was simply to die as soon as possible to escape this world then everyone would commit suicide. But that's not our purpose, and since it's not what we were created for we are to strive to completely our purpose.

  10. It sounds like it fits just fine, maybe your test readers aren't fans of dark stories? By requiring a new recruit to sexually assault someone the gang not only can tell if the recruit is tough and hardened enough to carry out their vendetta but it proves he's not an under cover cop.

  11. Oh okay thanks. I do want to make the story as tasteful as possible though, even though it's dark, so I could have the initiation test be something else that gives the new recruit cold feet, causing him run.

  12. You could make it where he has to kidnap a faceless woman, then on his way back he realizes what he's doing and let's her go only to realize the gang has been tailing him and now the chase is on.

  13. I run my whole property off a 5000 watt champion

  14. ALL SKS's are priced over $700 in my area, no matter what. It can be a very nice Norinco all matching or a totally bubba fucked monstrosity all the same price...$700

  15. I thought I was an idiot when I spent $400 on mine, now I could nearly double my money.

  16. Save yourself some money and fill up with 87

  17. Prestige, perhaps a small amount of balance and ergonomics but it's mostly the image.

  18. Apparently that's how you're taught to check for obstructions in Canada

  19. That's true. It is, however, the last step of inspecting your gun, after you've cleared the chamber and feed path.

  20. I'm not looking down that barrel unless I've personally rendered the gun inoperable.

  21. I haven't heard about it in the US but I'm not surprised. Who doesn't drive at least 15,000km in a year though?

  22. Ya that is bullshit. A 22 will go through windshields. It will lose a lot of energy and be deflected, but it will still go through.

  23. Are you speaking from experience or at least YouTube experience? Because regardless of the fact that you're comparing apples to oranges (a fast small round to a slow fat round) you are incorrect on both fronts.

  24. Both. We shoot from inside and outside of vehicles in training classes. 22LR is not fast and 38 isn't fat.. It a slow tiny round vs a slow small round. 38 special with modern self defense round with bonded bullets (Gold dots) or mechanically locked bullets (Federal HSTs) easily went through any shields we shot.

  25. See now you're just talking out of your ass. There's decades of evidence backing what I'm saying including hands on experience so that's what I'll be sticking to

  26. I think you'll find you're in good company, many if not most people you're age go through a similar stage in life. It will pass, stay in the word even when you don't feel like it. Pray even when it's short.

  27. So don't buy it, the next guy will. Order one and wait patiently if you don't want to pay mark up

  28. Maybe it's a good thing Canadians lost their gun privileges.

  29. I agree with the yes crowd. I even have a folder of scenes, I don't know where they'll go or who they'll have in them but I have them. There's nothing like writing a story then coming back a few months later and getting immersed in it. I wrote half a story many years ago, recently a rediscovered it and found myself reading it as if someone else has written it. I was genuinely disappointed when it abruptly ended. And that was just a thrown together rough draft.

  30. The only time me and my wife fought more than the months leading up to the wedding was after the birth of our first child. It's an incredibly stressful time for her, be patient and take assurance in the Lord not yourself.

  31. I know! I love the Miata, but it seems like in my area that this is a trend, I’ll keep my eye out for more... is there a

  32. They're value has sky rocket the past five years. I bought one for $700 put around $1000 into it and sold it for $3500. It's a popular trend, safari all the cars, gambler 500, hooptie challenge. As far as trends go I'm ok with modest lift kits and mud tires on everything.

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