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  1. Just another handjobber for the Left. If she was smart she would just shut up and go away into obscurity.

  2. The classic cast press is the press I use the most out of 8 different presses.

  3. It definitely seems like it now that I’m starting to understand a little more. I’m looking to see if I can add a powder thrower/dumper onto it as well

  4. I prep my brass and prime with a Lee bench prime. Then a use an RCBS powder measure / Throw that is slightly less than needed. I measure with a precision electronic scale and trickle the last amount by hand. This gets me very consistent rounds.

  5. Yeah .that price is a bit low.. If you have never handled a MK23 ...they are insanely huge. Almost comically clown show big.

  6. Republicans are pussies. They talk but then cuck to the same hand that feeds them when it tells them to stfu

  7. Yep until the Repubs burn the house down they are nothing more than mouth pieces for a disinformation op. NOTHING will come of this because this is nothing more than entertainment fluff for the nighly news.

  8. Why is the picture obscured when you scroll by..This is Bullshit !

  9. I have one even closer than yours with no issues....Send IT !

  10. I have Arken EP5 with the shooters pack for $525

  11. Haven't these dupes figured it out yet.... Buyers will be lined up to assist you with your sale of Silver. I see it as psychological baiting. I hope none of you are fish !

  12. Get a better seat... I use an adjustable front rest and a sandbag rear

  13. The coloration your talking about is probably a small amount of contamination of another metal possibly copper. That is not a bad thing if you want hard lead. It also sounds like your lead is a bit dirty. Not an uncommon problem Keep a small piece of wire handy to clear the spout. Get a big spoon to scoop off the oxidation (dross) fluxing with wax or sawdust will help keep the melt clean

  14. The next big race in energy will be cold fusion. The best fuel source for this is Helium3 which is found in abundace on the moon. The Chinese are already there actively looking

  15. Who wouldn't want a friend that smells like bacon ??

  16. As usual this will only be a theatrical clown show. No one who is a part of the elite system will be held accountable. There are laws for the little people to follow but the Washington elites always get a pass. Nothing more than drama to keep the sheep entertained.

  17. While you could restore the rust bluing. You might consider Cerakote or KG Gunkote. Once they are applied you should never get rust again. KG has a color that I use a lot called gun blue that is an exact match for the bluing color Remington used back in the 70s & 80s. I coated a shotgun barrel that was so close in color if you didn't know it was coated you would swear it was blued...

  18. It would seem the vaults are dry and they know something is about to happen. I wouldnt sell...

  19. Consistancy in every metric is what is needed for low deviation in velocities. Get a good scale then weigh everything. Brass, bullets powder. Then seperate the components by weight. Then trim all your brass the same. See the theme here.... The guys that shoot competitions are exceedingly anal about every aspect of their quality control and that translates into knowing exactly what to expect from every trigger pull

  20. This kind of defeats the purpose of a progressive press. I completely agree with you on precision rounds. I'm looking at making 800 rds in an hour for my daughter and I to shoot tactical competitions with a max of 400 yds

  21. I have watched this video before. While i'm no expert on this that object seems.to be an organic entity that has the abilitt to mimic other objects. It seems to be a bit fluid in its movements almost like an octopus.

  22. The person in the picture seems a bit young, my guess is about 14~16 years old. The gun looks to be a shotgun probably a H&R or Savage / Stevens. I would say 12 or 16 Gauge. The rounded grip is a bit unique though? Just a few guesses ...I suppose only the fella in the picture could really answer.

  23. After the rapist premiums it only needs.to go up to $30 an ounce to break even.

  24. Yeah if it gets to $30 an ounce i"ll just break even after the rapist $7 premiums

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