1. Just saying yes to everything. Even if I didn't do it. I don't want to sit through yelling for half an hour, when I could actually be getting things done.

  2. The director said that she was gay, but there have been a lot of constraints on her relationships n stuff

  3. I got some of similar size after walking around at a convention in heels (plus walking a mile each way to/from the parking lot)... ouch, them mfs hurt

  4. Once I found a cache that was camouflaged as a small outlet power box in Denver. The lid was magnetic. Never would've guessed if I hadn't checked to be certain.

  5. They had me do that too. 2 months in and was training the newbie. Old GM was never around and the AMs had to focus on oven and makeline, which I hadn't even been trained on yet! So we just sat there and waited for the phone to ring all night.

  6. I saw a clip of her playing it on Twitter, and without knowing anything about Lizzo instantly recognized she has to have been trained as a flutist because she instantly got a clean, clear note from it. I've tried playing my wife's flute and the lung power requires is no joke. I thought it was great, and she seemed really appreciative of the opportunity to play it. But I also knew the racists would be soooooo fucking mad.

  7. As a flutist, I can confirm that it takes so much lung power. I've had covid and can't play for very long without getting light headed, which hasn't happened since I first started playing lol. It takes a lot

  8. It looks like its laughing at a joke someone just told

  9. Man, I've already gotten both within the span of two weeks. I don't want some ungodly hybrid

  10. Oooo, this just gave me ideas for my next one :D Those are so sick!

  11. The college I want to go to has a tuition of almost $20k/yr. Not including housing or materials. And that's in state, out of state is $40k. This stuff is insane, I want a good engineering degree but it costs an arm and a leg

  12. i hope it works out for you. a few years back, i reported an ex-friend for child pornogrophy and the cops even saw all of them (kid was 13) and nothing came of it. they told him to just delete them, and not talk to her again. a fucking slap on the wrist to him. it was awful. i hope that doesnt ever happen to anyone else. there was way too much evidence stacked against him, and nothing happened. i hate my police force.

  13. One of my very abusive exes (who is now 19, he was 15 when we dated) had nudes from 13 year old girls on his SCHOOL LAPTOP and they did nothing about it. I don't know why the fuck. He's still abusing the girls who were the same age I was, and it's even worse bc now he's an adult. (This is all coming from his brother, they live halfway across the country)

  14. Me growing up, violently smashing my head against the door because I can't pronounce a word properly.

  15. The myth that we don’t/can’t have empathy. Absolutely bonkers assumption from my pov

  16. I was told that I couldn't be autistic because I was too empathetic. Oh boy did that make me mad

  17. It really depends on the state. Some states make it easy to do whatever you want. Remember those kids who went to Disney and stuff but at home were chained up and starved?

  18. I'm glad that my state has tests for every kid, homeschooling or not so they can ensure that everyone is learning lol

  19. Same for girls named Heaven/Nevaeh or any derivation thereof

  20. My friend's birth name (trans) is Heaven. His parents are religious nuts. Little do they know.. lmao

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