1. Just bought hornady 140gr match for about 1.85 cpr using ammo seek .com. But yes, all gpod Match type is about $2 cpr. But it's poss to find it for slightly less.

  2. In the US here, yes at some places, usually at top name brand stations. It's horrible and to me has the complete opposite effect of advertising - it will never make me buy that product and I will actively avoid gas stations that have this, so really they're losing my business (and others).

  3. Springfield XDe in 9mm. My daily carry


  5. Prob too late for ya, but I really like the square head extractors that you tap into place and the edge digs into the screw metal.

  6. Jumper. Loved the idea and the cast, but the execution and storyline needed more development.

  7. Can someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think if a gun is in a backpack that's considered concealed?

  8. IANAL. Generally speaking yes. Because you carry a backpack on your body it's considered part of you, like a purse or other small bag. However, if the firearm is locked up separately inside that bag, and unloaded, then you're OK, it becomes transportation. But some LEOs will certainly question it and may give a hard time. Basically double lock it ;-) and I'd suggest keeping ammo and gun separate too.

  9. Is there any way to tell if a listing on there will ship to CA? I see some LAX ammo ads just want to make sure

  10. No not really. I heard about a script that you could run and it would do that but I don't know anymore than that.

  11. The TV show, Lucifer, had a good interesting take on Hell and the Devil IMO.

  12. Dayum. I’d love me a Python someday. And an Anaconda. I’ve got an S&W 686 which I love, but there’s just something about those snake guns. Cool knife, BTW.

  13. I have a SW 686 also too which has a reg red dot too. Both are great guns. They do compliment each other nicely.

  14. Yeah a red dot python is my favorite beach day carry gun. Fits in that lil mesh pocket all snug

  15. Isn't there a compliant version shipped with 10 rounders already? I don't think it's ok for the FFL to take the gun into inventory with larger mags, is it? The mags are still illegal, what's the FFL supposed to do with them? Or is this a private party or intrafamiliar transfer?

  16. Could also be buying from out of state and having it shipped to a local FFL. In which case the shipping FFL can't include the 11+ mags. Or buy from out of state in person etc.

  17. Ayo I did actually see that when I was younger but couldn't get into it. Might be time to revisit. Thank you!

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