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  1. The pain happens whenever I like lay down or do anything that will flex those muscles so a lot of movements.

  2. You can go on fragrantica and look what people vote for longevity. It’s pretty hit or miss but I think that lies in the nature of fragrances. It depends on so many factors.

  3. U/sakuotaku just saying, (my opinion) it’s the same way with women if u look both sides

  4. Simple, just stop talking to them. Not your problem if someone feels left out and feels you shouldn’t be friends with the person you enjoy being friends with or however you are going about it. find a different friend or group to talk with. I use to feel left out too, stopped talking and hanging out with the shit group that constantly had that one person talking mad shit about you. hanged out with the group that was pretty chill and didn’t make anyone feel left out.

  5. Well like we don’t try to ofc, for example they kinda make themselves left out cuz my phone doesn’t work for audio calls right, so I call with the one that don’t feel left out on snap and when We ask the one that does they just say no

  6. No:) what makes you think we only educate our sons and it doesn’t go both ways and we don’t protect our sons but only our daughters

  7. There are plenty of mens only clubs. Go to any golf club/resort.

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