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  1. Ok I gotta ask, did you set it to slow but not low? Because there are pots that can stew for like, 5 days or so

  2. Typically, a store-bought ham is already cooked meaning you only need to warm it up. OP left it in for 12 hours. LoL

  3. Where does it say that OPs ham was storebought? Looks to me like they added a lot of ingredients to cook it themselves and with their own flavours

  4. They're also blocking a hydrant and parked pretty much in the middle of the road. Someone shouldn't have a license.

  5. Agreed. Switched off the mains in a hurry to avoid risk of electric fires, something we have always done as a safety precaution. No electricity savings Except this time we forgot there’s food in the fridge because it was last min travel, and we are sleep deprived parents of a 2 year old

  6. Does your house catch on fire often when you're home? Seriously, Are you just putting out electric fires on a daily basis?

  7. All this tells you is that the mother does not trust her own daughter's judgement at all. Pay attention, because you're about to find out why she doesn't.

  8. So I have to come off as a nice little good boy instead of hungry lion

  9. Nope....I was sick for weeks recently and couldn't find most of the medicine I wanted/needed anywhere.

  10. Yea, it's bad out there. Hope you are feeling better now

  11. 5 weeks later, I feel fine but I'm still occasionally coughing up phlegm and blowing my nose. It was a doozy! Knocked me on my ass for ages.

  12. She wasn’t coughing at that point. Her symptoms were fever, lethargy, and general aching.

  13. Yes. Because I took the bottom part from a different picture, added it to this one to make something new.

  14. That doesn't make it new at all. It means you stole two other people's ideas and put them together and tried to pass it off as original.

  15. Took two separate things and put them together. Creating something that was not there before. If only there were a word for that. Remix? Remake? New?

  16. It seems you seem don’t like to follow the rules of the law but clearly you can’t just make your own shit up, talk about absurd

  17. Again, are you ignoring the part where OP hasn't paid rent and isn't going to pay rent? And the part where the cops already came and said they have to get out?

  18. Well I hope they get a lawyer then and start suing, because a tenant can’t be evicted with an order from the LTB

  19. Are you seriously suggesting that the person who hasn't paid rent and doesn't have the means to pay in the future should be the one to sue? Don't be absurd.

  20. How is this scam supposed to work? I imagine that the “lawyer” was supposed to call and demand money, but wouldn’t anyone call their child after receiving the first call and the ruse would be foiled?

  21. I'm surprised it even gets that far. Everyone I know won't even answer the phone for an unrecognized number. LoL

  22. It's an illegal clause, Cops won't uphold it. In Ontario Tennants have more rights than Landlords

  23. Cops can evict him per the lease wording of shared kitchen and bath. Cops will tell the tenant it is a civil matter but they have to go by the lease that the tenant signed.

  24. I had the same reaction. Pop is usually no more than $2.50, so $5 for 2, not $8.

  25. Anything written for specific singers or vocal types can be pretty darn hard to sing. A lot of the stuff from Funny Girl, Mary Sunshine's role in Chicago, Bring Him Home from Les Mis, etc.

  26. According to this site, there is currently only one pediatrician in the Niagara region accepting patients.

  27. Context indicated you were suggesting that people outside of the theatre world know who he is because of that show.

  28. Your best off either singing a song close in style or a song from the show. Agony works, Being Alive works, Marry Me A Little works. It doesn’t have to be Sondheim but Sondheim all sounds similar that it may something to look into

  29. I’d compare it to choosing a Whitney Houston song for a singing competition. Incredibly risky move, because most people can’t favorably compare to Whitney.

  30. Are you being intentionally obtuse? There's nothing in their profile that indicates that they live at home with their parents. If it did, I wouldn't swipe right. I have very high standards, and I swipe left on about 99% of the profiles I see. So, no.

  31. Late reply. If your replies are any indication, it's that if I get a therapist, they'll be absolutely horrified by my thought patterns even if they have a solution for it.

  32. Yeah I got perma banned from a subreddit and a 3 day ban from Reddit for "harassing a mod". I asked what I'd done to get a ban and the mod proceeded to be extremely rude to me, called me a "fucking idiot", perma banned me from the subreddit and then I got the 3 day ban from Reddit for "harassing" said mod. Still not sure what I'd done.

  33. It's especially fun because there's ultimately no way to report a mod. I looked into it. The only thing you can do is complain to the mods of the same sub which means the mod you're dealing with is seeing the messages and they can just mute you or report you even further. They can legitimately say and do whatever they want.

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