1. If they continue like this, Pioli will start calling users from this subreddit for the match with Empoli!

  2. Tomori showing his Serie A medal to Donnarumma before the match

  3. Mirabelli is an idiot for not signing Deulofeu permanently

  4. If we pay 18M for this guy, then probably we are gonna spend like 45M for the RW

  5. After the match I had one of the strangest dreams of my life. The match was going on in my dream and we were beating Napoli 3-2. At the end of the match, Maignan lifted the UCL trophy although it was just a Serie A match

  6. Giroud, Theo, Tonali, Bennacer, Kalulu, Maignan. These are the players who wanted to win the game today

  7. Pioli is the one to blame. Kjaer should have stayed whatever the cost so that we could have avoided the second goal thanks to him

  8. Juventus finishing 7th, Udinese going to UCL and us winning the scudetto just like in 2011. RUN IT BACK BABY

  9. 💀 Mathias had other offers, but his mind was set.

  10. Pogba will fly to Paris tomorrow to ask for contract release from appeals board.

  11. So Tonali and Pobega are the lucky ones to enjoy Dollarumma getting booed once again at San Siro

  12. He was so good against Lazio yesterday. Scored one goal and won 2 penalties for his team

  13. 💊 that 20M 💊 is like 💊 50M for us 💊 blud 💊

  14. If Vlahovic wants to escape next summer, we should rescue him lol

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