1. Just cut back each day it’ll make it a little easier. Advil and water/coffee for the nic headaches and walk off the rest of it (if you can walk). If you feel like shit just sleep it off.

  2. We don't really care much because it's already behind us. It's not like we can go back there.

  3. Honestly it doesn't, looks like an agressive version of the evo IX

  4. Run a fan. It’s happening to literally top phones on 120 right now. It will help a bit anyways. I just ordered a mag safe for my 12 Pro max

  5. If it’s working for you just make sure you cycle it so you don’t get addicted or end up abusing it. Time on = time off

  6. In a weird way I prefer salvia because it gives me no illusion of all things being peaceful. Not that dmt always gives that experience, but salvia is for if I truly want to face the idea that maybe nothing I believe is actually important. A good lesson to revisit every ten years or so

  7. Same man. I instantly knew that I was there before coming here and I’ll be back there after. That I took a body on Earth completely by choice.

  8. Can you elaborate on the MDMA one? I haven't broken through, but I'm only brave enough to do dmt when I'm on MDMA and it's been magical each time. Again, never broke through.

  9. Started off like a “neutral trip” without magic. Lots of downloads. Which was good but it was sort of uncomfortable trip on M. DMT made it spiral out of control into a dark void of eternal doom with a entity/dark matter attaching to me that ended up coming back to this realm somehow

  10. You just made it even worse by using iron sight MK2, good job

  11. If you can control the recoil, it's a phenomenal weapon. I think the AK-47 the ASM10 and the M13 are the deadliest guns in the game, given the right build (excl snipers). When I've got a good build on any of those in Battle Royale, I'm unstoppable. Or at least I think I'm unstoppable.

  12. This is actually a reality for a lot of people. Everyone is so easily controlled by fear it’s sad. Programmed with no self awareness.

  13. The Rogan I became a fan of in 2011 is gone. This is some of the cringiest boomer shit I've ever seen

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