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  1. Why do people insist on making everything related to Florida this 80’s neon color? Lol

  2. They still think it's gonna be set in the 80's. It's clear as day from the leaked footage that it's set in modern day.

  3. I was too but I think I'll just settle for a 6800XT which is 250-300€ cheaper...

  4. she kissed his eyebrows, maybe you didn't watch it because you didn't like it and that's understandable

  5. Bruh, just rewatch the scene, she clearly kisses his forehead not his eyebrows lmao, who the fuck kisses eyebrows ?

  6. maybe you should go to the hospital and check your eyes before it's too late, i care about you

  7. If anyone needs to go check their vision is you lmao, it's clear as day that she kisses his forehead but hey you do you.

  8. Idk why people here are surprised that MJ is coming back. She is Peter’s iconic love interest basically his Lois Lane. She was never going to be gone from the story. Even if she wasn’t played by Zendaya.

  9. Everyone knows she's coming back, people just didn't expect her to be back so soon.

  10. People are dumb then. Zendaya is one of the most popular actors of her generation next to Timothee Chalamet, both Sony and Marvel are going to capitalize off of her fame.

  11. People don't want her back because they want to see other love interests like Black Cat. Seeing Black Cat go from only loving Spider-Man to loving Peter would be interesting to see. Or have them do something different with Gwen since her death was given to Aunt May.

  12. Well if you sub to fn crew before a season ending, you would technically get 2900 vbucks cuz you get 1000 vbucks plus 950 for the current season and 950 at the start of the next season. So 12 dollars for 2900 vbucks is pretty much a steal for me.

  13. If you're getting Fortnite Crew for the vbucks only then you're fucking yourself over no reason. 1000 vbucks on it's own are much cheaper.

  14. The one I keep seeing get thrown around is Jenna Ortega, mainly on Instagram for some reason

  15. Ortega is pretty big these days, I feel they'd save her for a lead of another show or a movie instead of what would probably be a supporting role at best.

  16. Not really surprising, Ultron's whole shtick is that he's virtually immortal. The question is what project he'll return.

  17. I mean the game clearly made an attempt. There are immersive sim elements, it's just that it's not as deep as Deus Ex or Prey and at times the game will still kinda railroad you into just starting combat. Feels like another one of those things that could be done better if they didn't rush the release.

  18. All things considered, what they managed to get out in just 3.5 years was pretty decent. I can only imagine what Cyberpunk would've been had it been in development for 8 years like RDR2 for example. Hopefully Phantom Liberty adds more depth and features to the game like Witcher 3's Blood & Wine did and we get something closer to what was marketed.

  19. Ghost has blew up all over social media and TikTok so they're probably capitalizing on that.

  20. If it was the last season Netflix would've announced it with the renewal news. I'm betting on Season 5 being the final one.

  21. I hope they remain consistent in making her suits night and day different from Tony's, it's a smart move.

  22. Hogwarts Legacy, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Assassin's Creed Mirage, RE4 Remake and Dead Island 2.

  23. 3060, 3060Ti and 3070 and probably 3070Ti are all under 1k tho

  24. Definitely under, at least in Europe. Even 3080's are under 1K.

  25. Not a 1440p +100 fps or Ultrawide 1440p card tho.

  26. I'm just waiting for Ratchet & Clank on PC. It was on the Nvidia leak too and so far still nothing. Would've been awesome if they bundled 2016 and Rift Apart in a collection with ray-tracing and DLSS/FSR.

  27. Ratchet & Clank uses Insomniac’s in-house system for resolution upscaling so I doubt they would implement DLSS or FSR (especially not DLSS considering the PS5 version has been developed on AMD hardware).

  28. Their Spidey games have their upscaling plus DLSS, FSR and XESS.

  29. It’s not Sony, it’s Marvel. Marvel doesn’t want to touch anyone who’s appeared in the other movies. I’ll be surprised if they used Eddie Brock.

  30. They literally reused the exact same villains from Tobey and Andrew's movies. People are so obsessed with Fiege's quote of not reusing villains. He said he wouldn't reuse them "for the first few films", not forever.

  31. Holland has faced Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius, Max Dillon, Curt Connors and Flint Marko now. Why would you repeat those guys? Marvel reusing the exact same versions of those characters is precisely why you wouldn’t create more. What, should The Batman 2 feature another Riddler?

  32. If it wasn't for the car customization and linear progression I probably wouldn't play this or any Need for Speed game at all. Forza Horizon does almost everything else better now. I wish Black Box was still around, I would've killed to play a modern NFS by them.

  33. How did NFS get so bad years ago and never recover? It used to be extremely popular in the days of UG/MW/Carbon and from there it slowly got worse and worse.

  34. It didn't get worse, other racing series simply got better and NFS never improved much in the formula.

  35. It definitely got worse. NFS used to have decent handling, good cops, horrible written but memorable stories and characters, godlike soundtracks, straight to the point customization.

  36. Because I don’t see why they’d suddenly start giving a shit about him. They made She-Hulk the lead in a project before Banner himself.

  37. Arkham origins is a pretty mediocre game IMO. The story is wasted potential, with the main premise mainly played out through side quests, they messed with the counter timing which makes the game feel worse, it’s open world has one of the most insane bottlenecks I’ve EVER seen, the detective mode was neat but is horrible on replays since they take so much longer than the past two games, the new gadget was an overpowered mess, it’s missions aren’t very memorable, the city itself was fairly unmemorable…

  38. I enjoyed it. It was basically City 2.0 with arguably the best boss fights of the franchise IMO.

  39. It having the best boss fights is a very low bar, and it certainly isn’t something that makes up for the rest of the game.

  40. The rest of the game was basically City 2.0 like I mentioned before. It's really not that bad.

  41. People on here really think JC Chandor will make a bad movie :trollface:

  42. Sam Raimi and Marc Webb are good directors too but SM3 and TASM2 still ended being mediocre. Don't underestimate Sony's ability to mess with a movie.

  43. Biggest barrier between them was the lack of communication really.

  44. RDR2 took 8. It's not surprising that a bigger game is taking longer.

  45. Why do they do that? Does PS or Microsoft pay more for them to make it console exclusive or do they just do it for fun?

  46. Money. The only thing better than a Rockstar game is a Rockstar game at a higher framerate and with better graphics. Luckily the current consoles can easily do both so maybe they won't double dip, especially since they have their own launcher now but I wouldn't hold my breath. If it's the same case as GTA V where they did the whole PC port from ground up instead of porting the console version then a delay would be justifiable.

  47. don't get me wrong, TASM2 is a bad film. But it isn't because of the individual actors. Similar to Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, the script is pretty bad and even the best actors can't make gold out of a shit script.

  48. And really, the only truly bad thing about that movie is the script imo. Everything else: action, acting, cast, cinematography, soundtrack, CGI, etc, it's absolutely top notch.

  49. The editing is really terrible too. The movie makes these drastic shifts. Its like there's two or three different movies with really different tones and they're all kind of Frankensteined together.

  50. Really ? I thought the tone was consistent all the way through.

  51. The Asus Rog Strix cards. Absolutely beautiful but unfortunately always 100-200€ more expensive than other brands.

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