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  1. In real life the car is junk. Uses Volvo engine and BMW transmission. Chinese people hate it

  2. Volvo engines are fantastic though, what? And BMW has good gearboxes as well…

  3. Never even heard of em, so I have zero intention of chasing the 40 points for it lol

  4. It’s worth it imo! It’s basically if Volvo built an Evo, and the widebody lets you put 295-width tires all around!

  5. Is the framerate extremely juddery for anybody else using HBO Max?

  6. It made me realize that a very large chunk of the population couldn’t care less about the health of the disabled, younger, older, immunocompromised, or anybody aside from themselves really…

  7. God I wish Pontiac still existed. They would’ve been GM’s Dodge and this would’ve been a real thing sigh

  8. Ok I just checked their site, it would round up to around $110k, and to be fair, they are pushing around 1000HP. If I had the money to throw around, I think I would honestly choose the Trans am over the Hellcat. In the mean time, body kit for a 2011 V6 for me!

  9. A lot of people who work in prisons are just as shitty as a lot of cops are. It attracts the same kind of person

  10. My favorite detail is how Dara’s box has his face off-center. Idk why, but I couldn’t stop laughing at it lol

  11. I haven’t been able to skate for over a decade (spinal cord injury), but it’s funny how your brain never unwires the way a skater sees the world.

  12. Come to Germany. If you modify even some normal Lights to LED without getting it checked by the inspection and Put into your vehicle paper, you will find your Car impounded in the worst Case.

  13. I could get my Car impounded because of my LED Lights for Reverse, thats kinda Overkill If you ask me. But yes, i also stand the Point, If the LEDs are way too much and Just disturbing other drivers, there should be a Limit for it. It all depends on the usage and postion

  14. There definitely should be a logical appeal/review process. Just scary what’s seen on the streets here in the US.

  15. Quick! Someone ask that rapping old lady what her stance is on this

  16. Fuck me, I learned about that from a comedy news show in the UK. Made me practically curl up in a ball.

  17. My grandpa has some old tools in his shed labeled "Made in West Germany".

  18. It’s wild that this show is so good, that I’m still heavily invested in a sport-themed episode despite knowing fuck all about sport. And Gabby Logan is just always a delight.

  19. Mick Lynch acquitted himself quite well I thought, for a not-comedian. They were trying to have a go, but did not have much beyond ‘train late ha ha’.

  20. Right? I’m like, “yes, we should actually just give money to everybody (under a certain level of wealth ofc)”

  21. I love them, and I just wish we could’ve seen how Lady Laena got paired with them.

  22. Agnes is actually a Greek name, so the plural should be “Agnepodes”…

  23. I’ve been having server issues all day! So I think it isn’t authenticating correctly.

  24. People should study genetics more. Laenor is half "white" and Rhaenerya is "white". Most likely, their kids would be white too. It's not farfetched for their children to have white skin. Even if Laenor was fully black, Rhaenerya is still white, so a white baby wouldn't be unnatural.

  25. I believe the hair color is what caused an issue , that white hair gene is strong among valyrians , so the fact that two valyrian parents made three babies in a row with black hair is definitely suspect and would strongly suggest the husband is not the father

  26. Wouldn’t Alicent have the same issue? Or is she also Valyrian?

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