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  1. I hiked/ ran down south kaibab at 4:30 Am, got to Phantom ranch at 7 am and the hiked back up bright Angel. My goal was to hike out of the canyon before it got above 90 degrees and I finished the hike at 11:56 am.

  2. What minorities are looking for now doesn’t really matter in the context of what the commenter said. The point is: that once in power, the oppressed oftentimes become the oppressors. French and Russian revolutions come to mind. Many other points in history too.

  3. So what, in your mind one race has to dominate the other? Why does not wanting to be oppressed now definitely mean desire for dominance later? I think you’re projecting a bit.

  4. No, that’s the conclusion you came to then responded to. That’s not what I said at all. Not even close. Not even a little bit.

  5. I wish I just had the cash I put into it at this point. Probably not that unpopular of an opinion.

  6. Not really. And I’m not sure how you got that out of my comment.

  7. Looks good but always test before to take. And weigh your doses.

  8. Im followoing this up with many posts about what their doing. People should be alarmed

  9. HBAR and ATOM. Holding everyone else but buying those two.

  10. To be fair people blame all kinds of things for their terrible behavior.

  11. It's just amazing and hilarious (in a sad way) that political affiliation can often be surmised so easily based on actions.

  12. Summer of 2020 aka “summer of love” has entered the chat.

  13. Bro I'm not! but I'm not the one walking around judging others because I'm in a worse position to judge. Some time ago, I bought a land in Colorado that later I learned it belonged to the Arapaho. I donated it to the reservation. I'm going to commit most of my wealth to the Native Americans after I pass away and I don't miss a chance to honor their traditions.

  14. Think about it... I'll wait here until it sinks in... Must have some neurotoxicity yourself 😘

  15. This subreddit is a public forum. For your security, do not post personal information to a public forum, including your Coinbase account email. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Coinbase account, please

  16. Most men struggle to get an erection. This is fine. You don’t need your penis to have an amazing sexual experience with your wife. Make the focus about her and she can touch up on you too but don’t expect to be able to ejaculate.

  17. The trick to solving this is to take a few ibuprofen about an hour before you take your first dose. It helps relax the vessels. It works great and you’ll be more likely to have super molly penis for hours. You can also take a viagra and prepare for a wild ride. But I also agree with the other poster: make the sexual part of the experience about her. Personally, I think this happens anyway. And don’t get shy if you don’t get hard right away. Just go with it. It’s molly so you’ll be pretty stoked just to be with the woman you love having a good time.

  18. Doing this once every ten years won't hurt, bit for anyone reading this thinking that this is a good solution: It is very bad for your heart to take vasodilators (things that make your vessels relaxed) when you are on MDMA. Both Viagra and Ibuprofen are vasodilators.

  19. Of course, anyone using MDMA should understand the risks associated with it. User discretion is always advised.

  20. Also, Odin is crazy bullshit that never existed. He can be whatever color storytellers decide.

  21. That’s a very low number relatively speaking. 90% choose to stay. That’s awesome. It’s an admirable lifestyle. They’re a hardy bunch.

  22. Wouldn't call people who practice child labor and prostitution a "hardy bunch"

  23. Just say you hate Amish people and move on. It’s simpler and saves time.

  24. No they don't because it is exactly what you called it. Alarmist hype. It's not that those things can't happen. It's more that so many of us are going to keep using cash. The poor people of the US can't afford a smart phone or computer. They're not going to give up cash.

  25. If they supported more coins I would have it already.

  26. Doesn’t mean much since everybody is using a different standard for their ESG score.

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