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  1. My aunt's friend was convinced she could see France from Southend-on-Sea but it's actually Kent.

  2. I've only ever been to Southend once but I heard two separate people pointing out France to their families.

  3. We have something similar to this near me. A Liberator returning from the Bay of Biscay clipped the top of a hill in poor weather and crashed into the marshes in Porlock Bay.

  4. They famously buy barrels of beer cheap with a VERY short shelf life

  5. I'm not sure urban myths can be classified as 'famously'.

  6. I stayed with some British friends near London, they made me breakfast in the morning. They were genuinely surprised that I didn't want sugar and cream in my tea, which caused me to wonder whether the British all drank (breakfast) tea with cream and sugar, but I guess not everyone does.

  7. No British person would put cream in tea, but most would have milk because generally we drink terrible tea! I would also think that the vast majority don't have sugar in their tea either.

  8. Wow. So if you take Automod and Reddit's comment removals from the total and divide by the remaining human mods, that's an average of 365 each this month. Pretty impressive work rate.

  9. I dunno. Parmo violets are a good trick for Halloween

  10. A Drill? My god the youth of today :D

  11. Is tea expensive there? You can get 100 bags for 3 or 4 dollars here. It's even cheaper if you can find the ones with more than 100.

  12. No, you can get a couple of hundred Yorkshire tea bags for about £4. There are cheaper brands but they are mostly undrinkable.

  13. I grew up in Taunton and whenever I mention this I get a small confused reaction followed by an ‘ah!’ like they’ve heard it or seen it before. Usually ‘south west’ is good enough for most conversations.

  14. I grew up in Minehead, and the only two reactions I ever get are "Where?" or "Butlins!". Not sure if that's better or worse than no-one having a clue.

  15. He lived in London during his exile but this photo was taken in Paris.

  16. I wonder who gets the licencing fees now that all the band members are no longer with us?

  17. I would say they are playing billiards as there are no corner pockets

  18. Billiards is played with only three balls as far as I am aware. It looks like they are playing pool on a billiards table, which might take some time!

  19. is it cause of Sainsburys and Marks and Spencers maybe? Like, some of them are legit plural/possessive so people just carry that over even to the ones that aren't.

  20. As someone who crochets, this is weird. There's no ball of yarn that he's pulling from. And you very rarely would make granny squares and join them together one at a time. You make a big ass stack of squares and join them together at the end.

  21. As someone who occasionally plays backgammon, I don't like the way the pieces are lined up between, rather than on, the points. It's almost as if the photographer has come along and decided that he would like to see the guys doing something more wholesome than smoking and looking at porno mags.

  22. This is at the premiere of the 1988 Hairspray movie in Baltimore.

  23. I've always loved Angie Hart's voice since she was in Frente. She did two songs with her band Splendid at the Bronze, Charge:

  24. ? Bristol is at least 75 miles into the bad lands. Go much further beyond that and I have been told there are permanent snow fields and miles and miles of Greggs outlets as far as the eye can see.

  25. Matcha tea bags? How does that work? Do you rip them open and pour out the powder or do you steep them like regular tea bags?

  26. They are mostly green tea with a bit of added matcha, so they are steeped like any other teabag

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