1. I keep seeing videos of this creepy old guy being posted with no explanation. I'll keep downvoting until they come with a summary.

  2. I'm the creepy old guy :) What do you need explained?

  3. Interestingly it's still up on here....but on youtube itself it's down Orwell's memory hole.

  4. And for the longest time it was being reported that 80% of the deaths were happening in Long Term Care facilities. Canada's CMOH Dr. Theresa Tam cited that figure in an interview that was quoted by the Washington Post.

  5. It’s so much worse than AIDS. 300 million people have died you bastards

  6. Oh yeah, like they wouldnt' have died anyway.....people die on this planet every day, now they simply take some deaths and put them in the covid column.

  7. Canadians crossing at land borders have reported a mixed bag of results, going off first hand accounts from people I know and trust. From all the experiences I've had shared it seems like it all depends on the border guard....but most are getting across. One family I know was denied entry at one bridge, and then was let across at another. So rather than Mexico or the Bahamas, maybe try Montreal or Toronto....or if you're looking at the west coast Vancouver.

  8. It’s a weird thing for me. Part of me wants to forget it ever happened. I stayed pissed the whole time and I lost a lot of faith in humanity. Another part of me knows we should never forget what they did to us.

  9. Art at its highest forms draws forth emotion in my books, and your artwork does that....I see the sadness and longing in the eyes, combined with the deep's very dark....the kind of art I don't mind looking at and admiring, but I don't want to dwell on it too long.

  10. The damage done was the end goal all along.....hence why the censorship has been dialed way back now.....there's no unvaccinating, that toxic spike protein juice is doing it's job....slow and stead exactly as planned.

  11. Carl Sagan wrote an interesting book called Dragons Of Eden which touched on's been years since I read it so this isn't going to be too complete, but I'll give it a shot.

  12. This is a video I just did on my youtube channel if anyone wants to watch....sorry for rambling on a bit at the end:

  13. Thanks for the video and for referencing the cdcs own studies!

  14. No problem, as noted in the was when they were studying masks (and other NPIs) against influenza, another airborne virus. I erred, it was actaully 14 randomized trials, not 10.

  15. A peer reviewed study found that healthcare workers wearing cloth and medical (surgical) masks 4+ hours per day substantially increased their risk of a respiratory infection....for medical masks the risk increased by 200%, for cloth masks the risk increased 1,300%.

  16. They're simply too expensive to be swapping them out every couple of hours. And besides....nobody handles their masks like medical PPE, in a sterile fashion....n95 or otherwise, peopel treat them like a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from a rear view mirror.

  17. Ah yes, the same source that told us the intitial two shots would provide long lasting steriizing immunity, the company that brought 'safe and effective' Bextra to the market....

  18. Scientists have found evidence to show that the monkeypox virus can spread from an infected person up to four days before they even start exhibiting symptoms of the disease, a new study has claimed.

  19. I really want monkeypox to disappear completely from my news feed. I was (and still am) hoping that the reason testing levels have been so incredibly low is that hardly anybody is contracting this virus. Positivity rates have finally dropped below 20% after climbing back to 25% as recently as mid October.

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