1. Do you have a gold idea of where the arrow hit him? Was he broadsided? Quartered?

  2. Ok, I thought because of the bow hunting page it was a bow shot. You may have a chunk of lung there in the photo. Doesn’t look like meat, looks more soft and elastic?

  3. It was, and that’s kind of what I’m thinking, last place I had found blood was in a spot and it looks like him and the 2 does he was with start up a steep but short hill towards a fence row. The blood I found was real dark and had a couple pieces of the tissue in it. And right I don’t of it was a real light colored watery blood. We walked the fence row this morning before work and seen no sign of blood across it. With it being a high page wire fence there was only a couple spot he could have even crossed. so I am thinking that he might have started up and crashed and some where below the line of sight from the fence row.

  4. Gotcha. I just knew of a lick creek in Kentucky is all.

  5. Yeah I was about to ask if it was in east tn because there is on here too

  6. First year bow hunting and saddle hunting. Shot a doe at 10 yards broadside. Arrow went completely through and watched her take off. It got dark and I lost the blood trail. No flashlight and a dead phone I figured I wait till morning. My dumbass didn’t consider coyotes and when I went out this was all I found… super disheartening. I’m considering just tossin my doe tag out. I wanna keep hunting but feel like i failed 🤷‍♂️. Not sure what I’m looking for here just need to get it off my chest to a community that might understand.

  7. In the best words it can be put, shit happens. My first 2 years hunting I didn’t see a deer in the woods. Then the first two deer I had come in close enough to shoot I shoulder shot them. Hunting is a learning experience and you learn every day, and if you’re not learning something new every time you’re in the woods then you might as well give up. Just keep pushing because when you do get that first kill and you find it it’s the best feeling in the world.

  8. It’s hard to have a perfect timing to draw because the circumstances will always be different. For example this year, I had a doe come in, 25yds and I drew when she was in the open with her head down. I also had a buck come in from the side of my stand that had a tree I was using for cover. As he was walking I drew back and held for maybe 30-45 seconds possibly longer, but when as soon as he stepped out I was able to let an arrow fly. I’ve scared a lot of deer drawing back at the wrong times but the best advice I can give is to read the situation and make the best decision on the way the deer or acting.

  9. It happens to the best of us, I got hung up and fell trying to step in mine two years ago, I had a harness on connected to a safety line, but it was still enough that I stay nervous stepping on and off of mine. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by.

  10. Guess I’ll be changing broadheads

  11. I made the switch this year to a high FOC set up and I couldn’t have been happier. In the 5 years I have bow hunted I had only got shots on deer 4 times and wasn’t able to harvest any. This year however I’ve already been blessed enough to put 2 on the ground, and if it wasn’t for the high foc set up I don’t think I would have been able to.

  12. After having a devastating arrow failure last year on a solid buck shooting twizzlers and flappers I started taking Dr. Ashby’s work and research more serious. That and following Ranch Fairy I made the switch over to a heavy, high FOC arrow for this season.

  13. I’m in the same boat as you, except instead of the Vulcan, I’m shooting the Apollo at 29”, 4 fletched with 100gr insert and a 200 cutthroat. Opening morning I was able to harvest a small 6 point.

  14. Congratulations! Let the addiction begin.

  15. I just bought a set. It hurt my wallet.

  16. I ordered some also, but it has been a week since I placed the order and I still have not gotten a confirmation email

  17. Shimano and dobyns is the only way to go, been my set up for years and would never use anything else

  18. Absolutely! Which Dobyns rod’s do you use?

  19. Champion xp mh 7.3 for jig fishing, which is mainly what I fish for the most part. I’ve got 3 of them is home much I love the rod.

  20. Stay away from leather is my opinion... the nature of that gun allows you to have it on you 24/7 and although we are in “winter months” all people are susceptible to sweat. Sweat can breakdown leather and leather can deform/warp and cause a negligent discharge which is No-fucking-bueno.

  21. How do you like that Hellcat? I loved my XDS it was a great carry gun until I got my little dick beaters on a P365.

  22. I just got it yesterday as a birthday present to myself. I already shot probably 50-60 rounds through it as soon as I got home and I love everything about it. My old man and father in law both carry the p365, and there a hell of a good little gun, but the hell cat just fit so much better in my hands.

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