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  1. Volume is both buying and selling

  2. Really? Are you on pro? I’ve always had it on my watchlist.

  3. Regular CB........I buy Robo through the CB wallet.. But, You can keep it on your watchlist on the main CB site and watch from there. I just go to CB wallet to buy and sell

  4. Also very nice to see RBIF pop back up on my CB watch list. It and a bunch of other tokens were " hidden" from viewing for a long while... Ithey said a bunch were being evaluated to remove scam coins....but , RBIF is back up. So, I guess they passed, not really sure, but, it's a good sign. Saitama did not come back up.

  5. Tune up game found a lot of holes, A&M and Bama are going to go right for our secondary. That's the biggest problem Arkansas has.

  6. Offense didn't do anything but go 3 and out and turn the ball over in the first half......they were definitely not a diesel engine until they warmed up. And it took so long for them to warm up, I almost drank way too much. Just kidding, I did drink way too much.

  7. This guy, entity, bot, alien, whatever is hilarious. I'm laughing my United States ass off.....

  8. No issues for me. Use uniswap. I don't have to set anything or do anything complicated. I just open uniswap from my wallet and swap Ether for RBIF. easy peasy. If it doesn't work, your probably using an old version..... and need to update your app.

  9. My bad, Cream finance was hacked and millions of Amp were stolen. It had nothing to do with Flexa.

  10. The 120% APY on bitmart is actually a WAY better deal than reflections ( especially when volume is now). BUT...... it's not available in the U.S.

  11. Are you on CB or CBW? If you have it sitting on/in CB Exchange then most people take that extra step and open a wallet in CBW. They then keep their trillys in there and not in/on the CB Exchange. There is a difference between Coinbase (CB) and Coinbase Wallet (CBW). Just saying for clarity.

  12. If you have RBIF sitting on Coinbase Exchange, then your wizarding powers are strong. They don't support RBIF. You can only buy( through uniswap) or hold RBIF in CBW. And if you try and transfer RBIF to the Coinbase exchange from the CBW, you will lose them 4ever. They won't transfer to an exchange that doesn't support RBIF.

  13. Lol, I've gotten about 15 of my coworkers into Robo..........their either gonna love me or hate me. I usually don't shill coins or stocks at work. We made an exception for Robo.

  14. I think well before that it will be on many exchanges and people will use those rather than pay gas fees. So many people are just intimidated by uniswap. I don't even care about personal reflections I just want the burn wallet to grow. Bitmart really kinda screwed us by listing so early. The burn rate has been slow as hell and with a supply this huge you want at least half of this to be burned through reflections or else once it hits like 8 zeroes the price will stagnate for a while cause people won't wanna jump if they don't think large returns are possible. Even now to lose 3 zeroes at .0000001 the market cap would have to be nearly 6 billion. Ideally I'd want the possibility of .000001 but 60 billion would be outrageous market cap I don't see happening in 10 or 15 years. You have to have some serious meme hype to achieve that or be a legit crypto that serious investors flock to and I don't see that happening with inu in the name.

  15. Starting out with 100 quadrillion tokens is just too many to overcome to lose significant zeros... I'm starting to realizing that we are going to have to burn 99% of the supply just to get to where Shib started off at 1 quadrillion. That is gonna have to be one heck of a burn mechanism.

  16. You can stake on bitmart for 60%...... which is better than reflections, but staking isn't available in the U.S.

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