1. Thanks guys for all the suggestions and help, finally got it to go through with the 12% tip!

  2. Thanks for the help I was going about it wrong. Although I did convert through uniswap like suggested above, and while it confirmed it was successful, the conversion has still yet to take place. Just looks like it used some ethereum for gas fees.

  3. Just doesn’t seem too wise to keep all your eggs in one basket. I believe in robo, but nothing is a for sure thing.

  4. Things take time. Ape was a product looking for a token and it was their time.

  5. Boys, I love the idea behind the burn and all other amazing stuff that this token and the whole team provides but in my opinion the price increase that we are all waiting for will happen when we won’t be expecting it. It’s going to be a normal day and suddenly we rocket 🚀

  6. I’ll take any day of any week of any year lol. It would be awesome to see immediate results but that’s just not realistic, but hey if I wake up one day 4 years from now and see it spike over 50% in a day I’ll be happy.

  7. Yes. Whales have a big effect on markets this small. Hype around the burn drove the price up and it went back down when the whales decided to take their profits. This is gonna be a rinse and repeat until the market is large enough to where whales don’t have as much of an effect on price action.

  8. Ah thanks for the info. Definitely in this for the long haul, figured it could take a year or possibly longer to truly see a large profit.

  9. You sure you could convert SHIB to RBIF...? The only methods I have heard about are to swap ETH on either Uniswap or Metamask.

  10. Yeah through Coinbase wallet, you can convert shib straight to robo. It’s back up now, just wasn’t showing for a second.

  11. Looks like it’s back. I guess the coinbase wallet was just glitching for a second.

  12. Bet thanks for all the helpful comments. This community continues to impress me, and I just joined!

  13. Ah and I can’t convert shiba to ethereum so I have to just purchase some ethereum to use for the gas fee. Correct?

  14. Probably wishful thinking! Welcome to the friendliest crypto sub around.

  15. Thanks! Its nice to see there such a friendly community out here! Hope we all get rich together!

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