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  1. you all are safe now there just gonna get stone plaing video games; no energy to bother anyone.

  2. need more enviromental challleges like the catacomb traps. also puzzles like the stairs in the grand archive sof DS1

  3. I'd love it is you could put melee troops on top of walls, perhaps the higher tier ones, and have the weaker nightmares climb up; i think it would looks awesome.

  4. I’d assume that different maps and starting positions will be part of the campaign, hard to tell a narrative otherwise.

  5. ah i like these ideas. I was thinking of new randomly generated maps. but this does make me think of challenge scenarios of other games.

  6. On the plus side, it’s better than the show. When you remember that, it’ll be a breeze.

  7. no one should stop shitting on it, we can be the freefolk of WOT

  8. hah, they do make a bit of niose when that happens.

  9. Can’t say if your country has different guidelines to mine, but in the UK our referees were sent an email link to a portal to upload the references. The email from JET often seemed to fall into my referees spam inbox, so it’s worth checking they’ve received the email with the upload link.

  10. Ok thanks for your help. Im uk as well i should have mentioned.

  11. More discipline than me. The prospect of rereading Path of Daggers put my WoT reread on indefinite hiatus in favor of doing a first read of Stormlight. Still need to read WoR.

  12. path of dagger isnt actually that bad. niether 8 or 9 sloed me down, ive just hit a wall with CoT

  13. Duty before death. Mountains before feathers. Wait a second…

  14. This is the best thing i have heard in so long. Thank you

  15. They are billions/age of darkness, these are survival strategy hordes of enime attack your bare at intervals and you have to defend, very difficult indie games check out a game on YouTube for more,

  16. I don’t really care what build the gear is best for, as long as it’s not just, you know, basically nothing at all

  17. I usually use the "commoners headband", drops from the really weak enemy's from the tutorial. I say that to describe them, any you find will drop it.

  18. Did you notice darkshines size? It's more about how powerful they are rather than realism.

  19. Darkshine was an impact shot, it adds to the moment. The figure at the end being an impact shot doesn't make sense. Also, they purposely show scale with the hole saitama made. Scale seems quite as intended

  20. Ok you're going into technicalities. I don't want to say much as it could be web comic spoilers, but they've been showing garou get stronger every time he gets fucked up, and the last time we saw him he had a shit ton of rocks dumped on him. Hence power.

  21. I'm totally failing this spot check. What's noteworthy here? I need it spelled out, I just see a normal guy wearing normal-fantasy clothes.

  22. The fish on the medallion looks like a dick.

  23. couldn't be that long against something so hard.

  24. going to be released in the UK early November, unfortunately it looks like it will end up flying under the radar of the mainstream, no surprise.

  25. Best option is reporting it in the

  26. We can record it with sky, then just get up early to watch.

  27. It was this sort of flash-game type webcomic; “Milk for the Ugly” (

  28. Solved! excellent, thank you very much.

  29. I have to say her death has been undermined by raven becoming a maiden. the whole reason they brought Pyrrha in to become a maiden was because they needed a young woman to take the power, but that has been shat on seeing as raven is probably around the same age as goodwitch (as oz and co. are meant to keep track of the maidens it seems a stretch to say that she has been one for almost two decades) meaning there's no reason that goodwitch couldn't take the power via the machine. pyrrha would then have gone nowhere near cinder and survived.

  30. You have no idea how long Raven has been the Spring Maiden, so your entire complaint is pointless.

  31. not really, my complaint still works however long shes been maiden, though i didn't make it clear, my issue is why was prryha chosen, from the characters perspective at least not the writers. seems there would have been other fully qualify huntress to choose from such as winter schnee.

  32. go to sounds in options and turn down gobal to 0.

  33. this should be added as the next picture after "observable universe" on one of those videos that zoom out from earth.

  34. Honestly, it is common sense to have cannabis legalised. I would be interested in knowing why it was made illegal to begin with.

  35. Harry J. Anslinger. he was head of the prohibition dep. in the USA when alcohol prohibition was ending, to keep his deparment open he needed something else to attack.

  36. So, this is biowares last game then?

  37. i'm surprised i haven't seen anyone talk about kobayashi from this anime. it's like she won the lottery with her "dragon maid" yet still thinks she should continues working 12+ hour days.

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