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  1. I was gonna say I’m surprised this isn’t taking 3 weeks like the mini golf tournament

  2. Honestly once I ran out of fingers and toes counting the days I lost count

  3. Does Troopz provide quality soccer analysis on his pod or his entire shtick being combative and saying “blood” at the end of every sentence?

  4. If you just looked at Eddie's screen the whole time you would think he was listening to a lecture

  5. I like the lone howl but he hasn't played well in a while, kinda like Nate Perkins.

  6. I honestly thought Nate moved to commentating full time

  7. He's shorter than he looks so he might be around 385-400 honestly

  8. Hasn’t he lost a lot of weight? Or am I misremembering

  9. He's a fat stupid idiot in his mid 40's with a nose ring and streak of color in his hair who wears sweatshirts all summer long.

  10. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying was a 60's British Invasion hit by Gerry and the Pacemakers a Liverpool band

  11. I'm out on dog walk drafts haven't heard a good one in months. Chicago needs the great migration with big cat to save them badly

  12. I read "illegal donuts" and got excited and curious... Then I read the rest and realized you were talking about cars, not delicious fried pastries :(

  13. Hating on Jacob is big school bully energy. Which is why Jay occasionally dips in and out of it.

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