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  1. Let’s not forget Chase Daniel is a competent backup and had deadly deep ball accuracy his whole college career. Obviously a big downgrade from Herbert, but wouldn’t be surprised if he kept the chargers weapons relevant through Herbert’s absence.

  2. I’m a grizzlies fan. I stream the games and they routinely go out and I will have to reload them. It’s really annoying so I decided to just get league pass this year. But then I find out the grizzlies are blacked out in my area. I’m 400 miles north of Memphis! There’s not a local broadcast available to me as far as I know, so how is my region blacked out? So I’m literally not able to consume the product legally?

  3. Do you know if the devices both have to be at your home network, like with Hulu live or YouTubetv? Could I split the $130 with a friend and both watch at our respective houses?

  4. Oh my god, this should be at the top. The ball doesn’t go towards the hoop, this is the worst shot I’ve ever seen.

  5. Looks awesome, what are those purple peppers called? And are they hot?

  6. I keep forgetting Danny Green is on our team

  7. This is probably the most powerful the Isle of Man has felt in centuries

  8. I literally don’t know what it is other than the home of a lady whose gardening channel I follow.

  9. Ouuu! What channel? Love me some gardening vids :)

  10. Parkrose permaculture on YouTube. This is in Portland, have learned a lot from her channel.

  11. FYI when I have mixed my harvest like this in the past and cooked together I noticed the yellow wax beans require a bit longer to cook than the greens. At least the variety I grew.

  12. Hmmm, i’ll have to do a test cooking and see how they do. I was planning on canning a couple jars of beans. Maybe when I processed them I’ll separate out the yellows if they take much longer to cook than the greens and purples and can them.

  13. Surprised that I’m not seeing more beets in this picture.

  14. How come the most obscure thought and comment that I plan on posting is always already posted? You and I think alike. The lighting and positioning similarities are uncanny.

  15. Oke sweet, I was worried the rockets or spurs or some other rebuilding team was going to just snatch him away from us. I hope we can sign him to a deal but we have so many centers already I was a little worried that we might loose him. Hes looking like a real threat right now so I'm pretty excited but like you said no rush then.

  16. Wouldn’t call having 2 true centers in Adams and Tillman a logjam

  17. Ah I thought that Santi and Tillie both played center as well but then I guess we have 4 power forwards. Doesn't Clarke get center minutes aswell?

  18. Yeah, I see Santi and tillies game lending more to the 3 or 4. Honestly I don’t see Santi as an nba player anymore, not seeing any development in his game. And while BC gets center minutes and Jaren plays a lot of 5, both of them play better at the 4. I guess my point was that only Tillman, Steve-o and lofton are true centers (as in they can’t play other positions).

  19. This is tough. But the one bright side is we’re probably no longer pursuing KD. Would’ve most likely had to include Jaren’s contract. Just glad the core is still intact. Get better JJ.

  20. Ayton is the only big available that makes this team better.

  21. Did you watch much of hartenstein with the clips? He’s an excellent defender at that position and is a super underrated passer. I think he could be an Adams upgrade if the front office decides to go that direction. Say what you will about +/- and defensive rating but he is near the top of leaderboards for his position last year in those categories. And is near the top for a lot more advanced metrics. Dude is criminally underrated. Has shown enough to think he’s ready to take on an even bigger role at whatever his next destination is.

  22. Are you really calling felony domestic assault off court brouhaha? Our FO is 100% not going to pursue this scumbag, would be counter to everything they’ve been preaching about bringing in high character guys. Fuck this guy.

  23. As far as I can ascertain, there's nothing that says she want to the hospital. "Medical attention" can mean anywhere from a pack of ice on the shoulder to an ICU stint. New York Post itself says the extent of the injuries are unknown.

  24. Bro it’s felony domestic violence charges. Doubt it’s a sore shoulder.

  25. Never changing my flair. Dude can be streaky, not a great ball handler. But an incredible steals guy and hustle defender. Long arms. Amazing smile. Beautiful soul. I’m crying now, plz leave us alone so we can grieve.

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