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  1. A city councilwoman told me to "get a job" after I didn't allow her to cut a line for a cup of coffee. While I was working. At my job.

  2. I work in Hollywood with tons of celebrities, and it's surprising how many famous people have very little money or at least a lot less than you would think. One of my closest friends is a household name model. Extremely successful in her career. But she often struggles to make ends meet and even has to crash on couches from time to time. It is getting better for her, but there were times she was plastered on magazine covers and billboards coast to coast and still had to borrow my car and and ask for a loan.

  3. I wanted to be a scientist. I have a degree in biology and I ended up working in the entertainment industry (not as an entertainer). It's something I fell ass backwards in to. Never had any interest in this industry whatsoever. But I'm good at it and it's very interesting.

  4. Only in a world in which women have full control of their own bodies and reproductive choices, social safety nets exist to ensure the child will be fed/educated/ housed if a single parent cannot fully provide, would the option for opting or of parenthood be reasonable.

  5. I don't have any advice. But I do want to give you some encouragement.

  6. This is a harmful and complete bullshit response to this issue. Maybe specify "rapists" rather than sex offenders, because they are not the same thing. And treating them as the same thing has serious societal impacts.

  7. Would have been helpful for you to read the entire comment before responding

  8. Reading has always been and likely always will be my number one hobby

  9. I don't think about that. At least, no more or less than I would with any other outfit. I don't intentionally flash my panties, but I also don't think it's the end of the world if someone gets a quick glimpse if my skirt gets caught or something.

  10. I got in even better shape over the pandemic. Being at home more meant I could sneak workouts in throughout the day and return to work immediately.

  11. I like being an adult. Childhood was scary for me. The autonomy and freedom I have now is worth all the bullshit responsibilities and obligations I have.

  12. Yes, many times in my last career. I'm sure there were subtle ways in which my coworkers may have interacted with me differently than they would with the other men. But never in such a way that I felt disrespected or undermined. I got along with everyone, some better than others. Just the same as more mixed environments I've been in.

  13. I would not be compatible with someone who does not enjoy sex toys

  14. I love it. I put a lot of effort and care into my body by exercising and eating well. I'm extremely grateful to be in great shape and to love the way my body looks and feels into middle age.

  15. I had brain surgery when I was 19. I finally paid it off when I was 36. And I had pretty good health insurance at the time.

  16. I would like to see this man hand to beg for toilet paper

  17. On a more sane note, perhaps we should not watch it because the family's of Dahmers victims have asked us not to watch it.

  18. ITT people who are so gullible they can't immediately tell this is fake as shit

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