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  1. 2023 bottom soon? Then 2024 biggest bull run the world has ever seen

  2. Traded shitcoins on poocoin and bought a coin that 200x after which I exited and the rest followed lmao, It was a glorious sight to see that chart decline so fast.

  3. also yoloed $50 into ShibaSonic IIRC

  4. Super fast fix. Chain is Up again after only about 10 hours of downtime

  5. I have a blue book in my shelf with all my wallet seed phrases in encrypted digits.

  6. I wonder if Iam the only one thinking posts like these are pure clickbait

  7. In my personal opinion his sentence was very harsh. I think he was on the unfortunate end of setting an example

  8. Back when government striked as hard as possible to avoid BTC

  9. I dont really mind if they will Moon

  10. seemingly she only did $260k with this

  11. If there's one thing I've learnt after being in crypto for 3 weeks it's that us long-term holders really are built differently

  12. Iam only in for about 1 year.. I still need to become way more dull.

  13. Good thing Iam an adult, so its harmless right? RIGHT??

  14. tldr: The Russian government has demanded that the binational energy agreements between the two bordering countries be modified. As a result of the recently engineered modification, Russia will supply Kazakhstan with sufficient energy, specifically for cryptocurrency mining operations.

  15. I regret telling my brother I've bought Crypto..

  16. DOT is a great looking project, now Id just like for the price to reflect that too

  17. I still think many of us underestimate its power and how it will reflect on its price.

  18. I feel so much better when BTC is over 20k. It's like a mental barrier

  19. The mental barrier to not put every FIAT in it ASAP

  20. Got a new Reddit Whisper/Chat invite?

  21. Hmmm I don't know bro.. BTC is dipping

  22. Nobody knows exactly how this turns out price wise, short or long term.

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