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  1. I agree. She gets way too much hate but I always felt her character was more “real” than almost everyone.

  2. So other non Targayren valeryans can fly dragons???

  3. How do the roots look? Are they white? Are they packed? Regarding the leaf, in might just be old. Either way I would simply chop it off so the plant doesn't waste energy on it.

  4. I didn’t make the army my entire identity so no. I never liked the idea of “respecting the rank” when the owner of said rank was a bit of a douchebag who took their authority too seriously and had no respect for the personal lives of their soldiers. Obviously this isn’t the entire military lol but yeah I completely mentally checked out and am so much happier. I make waaaay more doing the exact same job and no longer have to deal with the nonsense. :)

  5. Other people have mentioned how to reheat honey to liquify it again. But to slow down the process of crystallization, so you don't have to do this as often:

  6. Do you have a cohesive plan? If not, that’s probably why she’s stressed about it.

  7. It's simply a very expensive food dehydrator and blender. It's boiling the liquid out and grinding it up. It's overpriced junk. All of the green and low waste claims are complete fraudulent nonsense.

  8. Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. ♥️

  9. Does you VA cover acupuncture or chiropractic care? There may be some other cares like those that VA as health insurance does not cover.

  10. I go through the VA and they refer me to community care if I need things like acupuncture or the chiropractor.

  11. What about the Salem Witch Institute? It's briefly mentioned in Goblet of Fire.

  12. Hey there Mr. Cage! Is there a movie that makes you tear up/cry every time you watch it? Which scene particularly moves you and why? Much love!! ♥️

  13. Regulus Arcturus Black. Man died just so he could ignite a silent war on Voldy. No one even knew he made that sacrifice, but he was the first to prove that the terrifying Dark Lord is not immortal.

  14. It doesn't really have any effect on the story. Snape announces he is the Half Blood Prince, Harry is shocked, the reader goes, "Cool. Makes sense" and then it is never brought up again.

  15. ‘Voldemort could have been the Half Blood Prince and nothing really would have changed. Actually, the theme of everyone having the potential for good or evil would be made stronger by allowing Harry to walk is Voldy's footsteps for a bit before realizing that wasn't the right path.”

  16. Mine is a dolphin!! Which makes me so happy because I grew up fishing and always found myself at beaches growing up! 🥰

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