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  1. Seriously how is this even legal? It’s ridiculous this was even approved. Not surprised at this point though sadly. SEC and DTCC have turned out to be a complete joke. Pretty sure the two most useless government funded agencies in America.

  2. I have no clue but I will say this. Idk if its just me but I’ve noticed a weird trend this week in some tickers where they ran up hard a few days after positive earnings. Not sure why they didn’t just run on the day of positive earnings but nonetheless they did end up running. Not saying this will happen for DTC but I’d keep my eyes open for a possible run in the next few days

  3. Let’s go it’s PROG 🐸time again baby!!!! 🚀 I mean BIOR time! Haha only the OGs know.

  4. Appreciate it - that’s more of an answer than anyone else has given.

  5. That’s because this wasn’t a squeeze play. This play ran purely on momentum from the positive earnings. Had nothing to do with shorting and covering. There are stocks out there that run 100% and they don’t all have to be squeeze plays to do so you know. BCAB had a similar run today based on good earnings. Think the market was just primed for a pullback and some just ran an insane amount.

  6. Fuck it, threw 10 stacks at this. Lfg

  7. I think I don't know and if I say yes then its no and if i say no then its yes. I just bought a few FAZEW warrants to follow. If this continues Ill purchase more and more.

  8. How’s hat work btw. Buying FAZEW vs FAZE shares? Nvr really understood warrants. Does it go up double what faze goes up by and down by is that how warrants work?

  9. DTC earnings coming up and seems to have a lot of hype. Should be good earnings too - nice option prices yet and the stock moves on basically no volume. 800k shares moved 15% - only 7m free float and 20% of that is short. CTB is increasing and shorts are only now exiting some here and there.

  10. BBBY still running but I like the DTC play after. When is earnings? Want to buy some DTC before then

  11. 8/11 still early - not even $6 yet

  12. Facts, though All the $BBBY boys are gonna say $BBBY is the only play next week as if they can't be in two.

  13. I’m in both including RDBX for Monday. The way I see it is I get in on all an equal amount and the one that actually squeezes Monday should make up for loses from the other 2.

  14. Unless $TBLT is the one that actually squeezes on Monday.

  15. Alright ya got me there. I doubt it though but still have my eyes 👀 on it just in case

  16. Tried buying on TD Ameritrade. No luck.

  17. You think we give a flying shit about getting an APE dividend stock? No this is about exposing all the synthetic shares out there. If most of us don’t get one it basically proves naked shorting has been going on and a crime has been committed by the market makers. They’ve been selling us stocks they never had and never intended on getting.

  18. The human torch guy looks familiar… has he been in something before?

  19. Yea he’s in that new movie The Gray Man that’s probably where you’ve seen him

  20. It’s looking very promising that’s for sure. Usually these plays have a very short shelf life of 1-2 days but it seems GOVX is definitely gaining some support.

  21. So it looks like they did cover a bit here. Still can run though 🏃‍♂️next week with that high si%

  22. For my setups.. mainly gap and crap shorts for small caps.. we’re looking at a 3-7% stop loss to gain between 10% and 20%.. it depends on the chart but this is the general rule..

  23. Damn I must be a complete novice cause I don’t really know what you’re taking about. Gap and crap shorts?

  24. Stock is under 1b mcap. Stock gaps up (typically on news) at least 60% in the premarket. Stock has less than 40% institutional ownership. Stock has at least 5 million volume in the premarket. Stock opens and pushes at least 10% from the open. This is when you look for weakness to short and this pattern has a 70% win rate. Typically they will retrace 40% of the impulse move. If you want to trade this setup.. I suggest tracking every stock that gaps more than 40% in the premarket for a year.. categorize them by float and mcap.. track average time of day for the high and average time of day for the low.. track the squeeze percentages the premarket volume and any other metrics you may think are useful. You will see the edge for yourself. Bonus tip.. the borrow fee for the stock must be less than 20% of the potential gain.

  25. Wow! This is a lot to process but I got a feeling this is gold 👍will def have to look into this strategy more. I notice how quickly some of these runners can fall after premarket and I’m like damn if I did a put option or could short this this would be way less risky than trying to catch a stock on the way up that’s already gone up 80-100% premarket.

  26. First commenter explained that it could be TDA conflating class A and class B shares in that calculation. BUT that still doesn't make sense to me that they'd combine the owned amounts but not the shares outstanding for both.

  27. Yea idk I find that to be a sketchy reason at best. If I can’t trust the numbers displayed here make sense kind of get iffy about it. To each their own though it could end up popping off in the next few weeks who knows.

  28. What’s the short interest % on this one? Not sure we can call it the next big squeeze without at least knowing that.

  29. If I found the right numbers like 3.3% so actually not too good

  30. That’s ok. Might not be a short squeeze but could def run up in the coming weeks

  31. I don't want to discourage anyone at anytime. I understand anything can happen. But I do want people to be aware of the possibilities. Money pays our bills. So it's kinda important.

  32. Yea I understand. It may very well go up to 10 tomorrow no one knows for sure but we can at least try to make a good assumption that it is not as likely to run up now and that risk/reward is not as good as it was last week. Will still keep my eyes open on this one but yea not as optimistic now.

  33. Stop Losses......boy that brings on another issue. Market makers "Stop Hunting"..... basically picking up shares cheap to resell higher. Whole damn market sucks.

  34. Yea I know that’s a big problem but so far this year I’ve lost more money not setting up stop losses than when I didn’t. Have a bad habit of holding onto stocks for far too long than I should. In this bearish market nothing seems to run for very long.

  35. That’s who should play that pos Jim Cramer before he got bald and we all know it.

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