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  1. amazing piece of cinema! an Oscar worthy performance! voice of a generation!

  2. ha, well put. I think that describes my experience in Vietnam pretty darn accurately. Right before covid hit, we'd hit stage 2 of your model and were quite ready to leave. A lockdown forced us to stay in place, and we still haven't left :)

  3. I too would like to know. He said "supply chain." Provided no more info. I'm guessing he supplies gold chains to those guys who sell them in the mall

  4. I will, I quite like it. It's real, not built for arrogant tourists trying to recreate their home countries that they can no longer afford.

  5. no, I was simply touched by how well you articulated what I, and many others like me, are doing: we are "arrogant tourists trying to recreate..." well, I don't need to rewrite the whole thing for you. You wrote it, after all :)

  6. This dude did a comprehensive breakdown of what's going on:

  7. This is my big challenge too. Most of the once corporate juggernaut companies that this person listed in his write up as having emerged from bankruptcy had delisted for a while. Obviously each of the companies listed aren’t in the cosmetics realm, but it does beg the question of what would make this company comparatively more likely to stay listed.

  8. I finally sold. Had built up what was a fairly large position, for me, and was holding it with a death grip, scouring reddit for any good news, lol. Finally sold for a loss. I can lose... I mean use the money elsewhere in the meantime :)

  9. Hey thanks for letting us all know you have no clue

  10. it dropped to the mid teens before jumping to the high 30s before. It's still got a lot of eyes on it and has some more positive surprises left for us :)

  11. The Maple syrup will taste different over here. Bring a big jug of your favorite. Salsa. I feel like they tried to make Mexican products with Eastern spices it something. It just doesn't taste anywhere near the same. Vitamin supplements and OTC meds are much more expensive but available here. You can get most foods/snacks shipped over at a cost. The meds and supplements you can't.

  12. someone i know has had a great experience with iHerb shipping supplement to Vietnam. Don't know how it is to Europe, though

  13. The report is rather unhelpful because it's full of "trust me bro" claims.

  14. damn, you burst my bubble. I am determined to average down and get out. But maybe I should just skip straight to the latter

  15. Yes. The Underwriter information is with the IPO JOE Family. I am a member of the IPO Joe Family in Webull. I've been trading with Joe for years and I have become extremely profitable to the point where I only trade IPOs these days. Long story short, Joe has outgrown the WebulI platform and he has 15k+ followers. So Joe has created a Discord where you can learn how to trade IPOs. You learn how to read a prospectus, underwriter history, warrants, the float and all necessary information to become a profitable IPO Trader. I am attaching an IPO JOE Discord link. Once you are inside the Discord, you can stay in the free section or they have a premium section. If you are new to IPOs you might want to follow a couple IPOs before you actually start investing and I highly recommend you go into the premium section where you can learn the proper way on how to trade IPOs, what and what not to do because you don't want to lose money. The thing about IPOs is you want to stay profitable so when the date comes for the IPO to debut, everything is wrapped around the prospectus and what is in it, such as the underwriter, warrants and other things you must know before pre-ordering an IPO. In the premium section, IPO Joe walks everyone through what will be a profitable IPO, what are the odds of the IPO being profitable and then you can make your own decision on whether you want to enter the IPO or whether you want to pass it by and wait for another one. This month (September) we have at least 8 good IPOs coming up and I will be in at least 4 to 6 of them. That's where knowledge of the underwriters is so important. You need to know which are good Underwriters and whether there will be warrants involved. A lot to learn. If you want to become a profitable IPO Trader, I have attached the IPO JOE Discord link. Once you are in the Discord, there is a free section and there is a premium section. I would highly suggest you join the premium section, IPO JOE will guide you through each and every IPO. You will learn how to read a prospectus and you will learn all the knowledge on how to do your own due diligence before entering any IPO.

  16. Not touching it. Isn’t one of those hot Chinese stocks.

  17. it's getting ready to rebound now. Probably a good entry... just my feeling

  18. yo, what happened just now? Dumped .30 from its fairly solid 6.60 perch it's been sitting on lately

  19. most places I've been in Vietnam have great internet. 50 up/down is not uncommon in my experience. Additionally, buying cell data is super cheap, so you always have that as a backup

  20. I think this sub has been infiltrated by the mods from the main BBIG sub... only explanation I can think of for the dumbass, "everything is ok, and we're basically on the lambo moon already" posts

  21. at the rate it's going, no reason why it shouldn't see the 4s sometime next week. But what I'm curious about is why there has been virtually no bounce to speak of

  22. Can someone explain this bullshit? How on gods green earth does it show at 4, I put in to buy at 5 and it opens at 30 and now I can’t even buy it at 30 I can only place an order that might not be filled?!?!?!?!

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