1. A spoiler would have been nice. I don't browse porn sites, maybe a couple of times a year. I have noticed that extreme kink content is now mixed with "normal" stuff. I have also noticed that some porn tries to get you to reenact what you see.

  2. You are being stupid. And I never said I never shifted. Your experience was nice and true lucid dream is also another realm, but it's not shifting which is experiencing a reality in 3d, and I'm not sure why you are being so rude and feeling personally attacked.

  3. Ok champs. Your childish way make harder to discuss. Whatever you say. Just try to not act aggressive when other people call out on it again, it's not find by bad, it's just to make the discussion about shifting clear.

  4. You didn't even answer my question, but you talk about having a discussion. Well, I don't care anymore.

  5. Why don't you see for yourself and enter the void? It's not to hard to do. And when you have done, you would understand how to escape to the void when you die (and you can probably escape the matrix through the void while still alive).

  6. Ok, but how can I get access to my own void in first place? I've read in a book it could be reached through deep meditation and great concentration while AP and it doesn't sound that easy to be achieved

  7. It's easy in the sense that not much needs to be done. It's just hard in the sense that you might need to try a couple of times. Reaching the void is a skill like AP or LD, but all of these are what people call "altered states of consciousness".

  8. Different groups have different agendas and no group benefits from shifting (except for shifters themselves). The CR wants your attention and full participation at all costs. If you were a farmer, would you like one of your cows running away from the farm? Not so much.

  9. This could keep astral bodies trapped here like a faraday cage. Monroe made some experiments and he couldn't astral project through a cage.

  10. So let me get this straight. This omnipotent intelligence, which designed, constructed and maintains this "prison" (which holds all of mankind) can't design a better defense than reddit bots?

  11. As I already said, it works and is the least detectable way of keeping things in order. The matrix tries to hide its ways, so NPC theory is actually occult knowledge.

  12. You know what? These conspiracy theories are far more hilarious than the usual anti-semitic shit. Just don't go out and commit a mass shooting, thinking you're "escaping the matrix"

  13. I'm not violent, NPCs are the violent ones and I just try to avoid them. Jews are also not exactly benevolent.

  14. That's interesting, yesterday I erased an entity that looked exactly like the warrior in this picture, except for his eyes which glowed red.

  15. couldn't find a winged being & I personally feel Hades is Lucifer or Loki.. Angel alien demon..And think thats Hades? I'm new to posting so not sure about the pic

  16. I don't know who it was either, but it was the most badass and serious-looking entity I've come across. It looked like a God of War boss.

  17. Made up and manufactured, yes, but predestined. These are just expressions of the matrix code.

  18. This is great. I recently used colors during energy training and it's not only more fun but much more effective.

  19. I can make a few in-depth ones; should I write them or YouTube them? I will make categories for each of the 4 elements that'll have different visualization techniques.

  20. I would love to see both written or video guides. Just give me your youtube channel address so I can see it.

  21. I know you from Amino, but I don't have an account there. Nice to see you here. What you say about the void is kind of revolutionary. So there is something like a pre-void before you enter the true void, right?

  22. Yes! The pre-void is the before-state. This is the state of you getting ready to leave the physical plane and usually when a lot of symptoms take place. You can reach the void from the before-state by really however you want.

  23. I believe entities are NPCs and thus slaves of the matrix. Their purpose is to make things more negative, but only to some extent. Their power is very limited and they rely almost 100% on stealth. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

  24. A lot of entities are from other worlds and come here to parasite off of people's negative energy.

  25. What always baffles me is the fact that they have the ability to travel worlds and perhaps even universes. If they had creative power, they would live in their own paradises instead of exploiting other creative beings.

  26. Some of has stated that the Grey's that abduct humans are robotic in their behaviours.

  27. I just find it odd that allegedly multidimensional beings bother with us and our planet. If they had souls, they could create their own individual paradises, no need to humiliate oneself by being a parasite.

  28. David Icke said they have no creativity. They basically can't create anything just take, completely parasitic. Maybe they want to live like their archon kings at the top, their rabbis with loosh on tap all stolen from their worker-arcs.

  29. That makes a lot of sense, we live in a world of inversion. People become ill in hospitals, become stupid in school, people feel alone in a crowd and the list goes on.

  30. We all feel like that. People who shift within a few weeks are the exception, not the rule. Find out what works for you. You should also try verbal methods. The fact that you are good at visualising does not necessarily mean that you should exclusively focus on visualising methods.

  31. Stay out of trouble, don't follow trends, don't try to fit in with society too hard (but learn how to not stand out in a crowd if necessary), don't be a fan of anything, be careful with addictive things, use the LOA strategically to reduce loosh (by healing yourself for example).

  32. How about this CEO donates all of his money to his workers if he doesn't need it to have fun?

  33. I don't have high hopes regarding past lives, I don't know if I will ever attempt a past life regression. These are coded, matrix-controlled lives just like this one. It would be interesting to learn what happened before all lives in this matrix, but nobody seems to have ever seen it.

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