1. It’s a happy surprise if my spot isn’t taken when I come back from banking/using dropped stuff.

  2. I’ll leave if I realize they were just resetting crab aggro tho. Been there, having to hop all day when trying to afk

  3. For the record, my 20” hmr balanced out just in front of the magwell with .177 steel bb’s in the rear cavity and between the spacers

  4. Good advice, had a couple “oh man why’s there blood everywhere” moments myself

  5. Would want an accessible sump pump underneath or a graded drain run to a floor sink or something. Water needs to drain out from the bottom for the health of the plants, and the interior needs to be lined/waterproofed

  6. Full Graceful is on a goal list but I can’t be assed to do more than a few runs at Canfis each week so that’s on the back burner forever.

  7. Not sure if it’s best but I digsite tele>boat to north of island>seaweed run>boat to camp>west birdhouses>mushroom tele to valley then continue farm run. Seems pretty quick

  8. Looks like you’re a hardcore ironman and not an ultimate, but regardless, you’re very limited in money-making methods as an early ironman. You can pickpocket NPCs, mine and smith armor then sell to shops, cut down trees then fletch the logs into bows and sell to shops, agility pyramid, slayer (best to start training from now cuz it’s really only good money at higher levels), unlocking high alchemy at 55 magic level.

  9. It’s slow but afk mining at motherlode eventually gets you lots of alchs. It’ll stack materials for early crafting and fletching to work towards a rcb

  10. The state’s gotta be 500 miles from north to south, there’s a 10 hour difference from northeastern to southeastern

  11. Have you had good luck with fall bears being edible? I shoot mine in the spring for the thick coat and great meat, would love to find a big fall bear but want to be able to eat them as well. The sausage and burgers from them is to good to leave in the field, for clarification I’m in southeast Ak.

  12. In my country they’re only good eating in the fall. Coats suck but they’ve been eating nothing but fruit and berries, spring bears mostly eat gutpiles and raunchy things while they get their stomachs going again

  13. Ours eat beach grass and the first shoots that come up as the snow melts off, not much fat usually but really good meat.

  14. For 600M, I would be looking for cartridges with a handicap rather than the bleeding edge like 280AI.

  15. Since 280 ackley was the choice, guessing they’ll reload. 6.5-06 is a decent wildcat that wouldn’t require bolt or bottom metal modification, lapua makes 06 brass you can neck

  16. For me it’s that unique “ping” when you’re hammering a nail or beating steel 😌

  17. Ping so loud you can feel it in your elbow! Not to mention striking a harmonic and singing all day in your hammer loop

  18. Hopefully works. My sister tryed to glue it on the Wood because the screws where loose. It ripped of now it Looks Like this.

  19. Make sure you use good wood glue like titebond, the glue residue on there looks suspiciously like elmer’s

  20. What is he doing with these drills on a construction site? Running them continuously until they burn?

  21. Throw a big self feed or ship auger in any battery drill, it’ll cook out in no time. A guy has to know when to switch to the hole hawg

  22. Huge pain that the stops are buried like that, but 99% chance it’s the aerator. Those faucets definitely have one, they come with a special key. If the plumber didn’t leave the key in the cabinet or taped to the trap then it probably got thrown away

  23. Running the blade along a soft material like leather, usually in long strokes like when honing. It helps polish the blade, but mostly aligns the edge and gets rid of tiny bends/rollovers

  24. Super common to have a poi shift when switching between ammo, and rifles can be picky on what loads shoot well

  25. Side note, ipe is heavy and hard compared to the others. Would be more difficult to work with

  26. Nice little lightweight scope, 9 power is almost overkill for most centerfire hunting rifles even

  27. Do only Savage owners get “lessoned”?

  28. Shims and crush washers are different ways to time a brake, and alignment should be checked with a rod once the suppressor is attached

  29. Are you using an angle grinder/peanut grinder to sand? Random orbital sanders are usually the preferred tool on projects like that

  30. Oof, that’s a lot of money for not a lot of hunting. Though it will be hard (if not impossible) to outshoot high quality rifles if they do a good job reloading and you only buy factory ammo

  31. Groupwise, definitely! But once you start getting out there ringing steel practice and good wind calling make a big difference

  32. I want to put a 1/2-28 thread on it. The OD is .560 so it is possible to cut the thread but that would not leave a very large shoulder to mate against. From the end of barrel to the front sight is it .560 long which is pretty tight if I want to fit a larger diameter puck first to create a larger shoulder. Curious what a gunsmith would do. I am a machinist not a gun smith. Also thought of creating a spot face on the front sight instead. If it is a good idea to thread this, I was planning on turning the barrel between centers to keep the shoulder and threads perpendicular to the barrel bore

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