1. Picked up the last mlok. Didnt want to take a chance on the quad since they have had 4 in stock for almost 24 hours now

  2. If you ever swap barrels on the m Lok you have to take off all the m Lok accessories. Don't have to do that with quad.

  3. trijicon has great glass, if you're ok with 4x max then it's solid. Steiner p4xi 1-4x is pretty widely recommended, so the guy saying more magnification is right, but 1-4x are still relevant. 1-6x is the sweet spot imo, and vortex razor gen 2 for around $1k is the gold standard. 1-8 you really need to pay $$$ for the 7-8x to be good. 1-10x isn't quite there yet without $$$, and even then the top end has limitations.

  4. I'm sure I'd like more magnification but it's just a money issue. If I could then I'd 100% buy a razor. I want something good without spending a grand. I probably won't even be shooting beyond 200 yards anyway. I'm even thinking about adding a magnifier to my aimpoint pro but that would cost about what an lvpo would.

  5. remember you need a scope mount too, good ones are $300+ but you could use an ADM for a bit less.

  6. you know i don't get it... I'd imagine some worker there hit go on the laser machine w/o realizing things are not aligned. why not pull these blems, cerakote it a tan or green or gray or even some camo pattern, re laser it and sell those as special editions for a hundred more each. us LMT cucks would buy that shit up

  7. Go on glockstore and get a tungsten guide rod it improves function and takes alot of snap out of the recoil, its worth the 75 bucks I swear, but don't ever use a broken or defected part in a firearm

  8. Tungsten can be brittle. I wouldn't recommend it as a material for a duty gun recoil guiderod. Steel is fine.

  9. yes, if it was a competition gun no problem. just op seems peeved his self defense gun has issues so I can't recommend tungsten for that

  10. Maybe a dumb question - I have a Saiga 223. Which adapter do I get to put this on my AK?

  11. Jmac sells a rear trunion but if you have a slant receiver it won't work. Gotta remove your old one, rivit in the new one, then you can install their adapter for 1913 rail. I personally wouldn't hack up your saiga but just letting you know there's a possible option

  12. 150gr is subsonic and the powder burns clean. Subsonic = quieter because no super sonic boom

  13. Can somebody explain to me what the hype is about this Specwar shit? What’s the difference between this and having a 16 or 14.5 barrel cut down to 12.5? As long as it keeps the midlength gas

  14. There's talk of specwar being issued for jsoc. If that's the case, there's a whole clone market that grows from there

  15. Does the handguard cover the suppressor? Does it get hot?

  16. Pew science has an unbiased testing system that ranks the suppressors they test. The site is on the far end of the spectrum for info and analysis and might be a little much if you are new and try to read the writeups. Luckily they have ranking tables do you can quickly see how the results shake out.

  17. Bauer was having issues with the discount price showing up but should be working now. Suppressed nation posted an IG story that Bauer has 20% off surefire 30 cal suppressors including wardens, q erector 9, energetic armament, and aac through this weekend.

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