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  • By - c2Ft


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  1. If you're willing to spend the money, Axis would be a safe bet. Spendy, but quality. When doing low voltage installs they were hella frequent because they're solid.

  2. Toddlers scare me more than preteens 😅 that being said, you’re doing a wonderful thing by providing these children with a safe and stable home. Regarding the 12yo girl, I just adopted my 10yo daughter. And man it was HARD. The first year really broke us. She’s having more trouble because she’s old enough to understand what has happened to her. Educate yourself on trauma and how it manifests. I’m really amazed at how well our daughter is doing a year later. I never would have thought we would be doing this good from how it started. It’s really amazing how little minds can heal once given the love, structure, and safety they desperately need. Good luck and come back if you need to vent or get advice.

  3. I appreciate you. I hadn't thought of looking into trauma reactions and the like, that's a good idea. I hope to see progress like you, we're nervous at my house but we're also in the mind that we can't fail them so hopefully the determination holds and we get there. Thank you!

  4. I’ve loved listening to the ExForce books. First is Columbus Day.

  5. On book 5 now, 100% recommend the series. Helluva ride.

  6. Too far in to stop now. Even so, the stupid banter and character relationships are always good.

  7. Hella late to the thread, but Lily Rabe in American Horror Story is THE BEST representation of possession ever recorded.

  8. That's awesome news! I did a little looking and saw that there seems to be confusion on reading order here and there. Looking forward to the horrificness, I love it. Except Gregory.

  9. the audiobook was designed to play along side the comic. its a must have

  10. Truly looking forward to it! The series was sick so I know the book will blow it out if the water.

  11. Seconded. He could slay that. Except he's tall I think.

  12. I haven't read the paper copy but I can't imagine that they're censoring the audiobook version. Are you sure the book doesn't spell out MFers?

  13. I don't have the paper copy so I'm unsure, it is possible. I have heard fuck dropped here and there so I found it strange. No matter though, still thoroughly enjoying it.

  14. Ah, makes sense. Tbh I think it has only been the Skipster who's dropped the f bomb lol.

  15. To nerd out a bit, in the Predator lore the Yuatja hunt, but they do so within their own honor system.

  16. This right here is what made me absolutely rage at Prey and took this movie down from 10 to 8.

  17. The only thing worse than AvP in this universe is The Predator, and we should all pretend they don't exist.

  18. The cradle series by will wight has some neat magic systems Expeditionary force by Craig alanson is really entertaining and has some nice space battles And the glaxys edge series by Jason anspach and nick Cole is amazing

  19. I know it's been a minute, but thank you so much for Expeditionary Force. Shit hooked me! Been so fun.

  20. It’s going to end up being the rim with Darrow vs the society and ascomani . Lysander will see the truth of the evil of the golds when he sees the ascomani and the abomination. He will sacrifice himself and all of his followers will turn to Darrow to save the universe from the ascomani. Lysander is the lightbringer.

  21. I can get this, and appreciate your perspective on this.

  22. If we’re going dark, Sevro gets spiked and kills a loveable character like Kavax or Holiday. Ultimately comes around though and goes on revenge tour. He loves his fam too much and Pierce already killed off his dad and newborn son. No way sevro dies, just gets mentally fucked up

  23. Homeboy better hope he doesn't get a Soldier Boy flashback 😬.

  24. Bold claim I will definitely have to see if your right. Thanks for the recommendation.

  25. I stand behind it! The only time I've back to back to back read something. It's legit that good.

  26. Me too the Bobiverse was probably my favorite, well I mean, I say that but it's hard to choose just one favorite. It's definitely up there thought no doubt about that.

  27. For sure, they were soooo good. Such a fun ride, can't wait for the next. Shits gonna get crazy.

  28. Darrow and Sevro- Dad and Hitgirl from KickAss. Darrow is the weak become a beast, Sevro is a little psychotic savage that's loyal.

  29. c2Ft says:

    Added to the to-do list.

  30. Ay, all the love Goodman. Thanks for making these!

  31. Just make the trip to Illinois. Better shit for cheaper.

  32. Ended up being a sticky thermostat. Just happened to follow the battery change.

  33. Next time come out to Eastern Oregon. Beautiful lakes and mountains and the skiing lasts until April. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  34. For sure will make another trip that way!

  35. I read that NPR story. Hilarious! Go MN!

  36. I'll be happier when we get on your level, but hey, least it's a step in the right direction.

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