1. Well...not me, b/c I can't get in... good luck!

  2. Nope. It's not the left, and it's not the right, it's the state. You are a part of the the problem.

  3. Because just like the right, they are authoritarian pieces of garbage who only want their opinions and actions to be valid, and to have the power to force them on others.

  4. Maybe. But it doesn't rain nearly as much as everyone told me it would. Didn't rain at all yesterday, and only for a bit in the evening the day before.

  5. Interesting. Well, you would know alot better than me.

  6. Not sure how being Russian will impact your choices, but I'd suggest looking at and opening a US LLC. It's a simple process from my experience (non-US citizen) and you can set up a bank account easily as well.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation! What taxes should I pay and what’s the approximate tax cost per year?

  8. You should definitely get tax advice from someone qualified, which I am not. But as I understand it, if you are non-US, then you will pay no tax, just an annual filing fee of less than $100.

  9. My recent identical post was not well received...

  10. How do you avoid monopolies without some kind of body of authority governing privately owned business?

  11. It's just an acknowledgement that the people have the ultimate power, when well informed. Unfortunately, that fact is obscured by the idea that the government will protect us, therefore we do not need to take personal responsibility for anything.

  12. No, investing is never an expense. All you've done is traded one asset for another.

  13. Thanks a lot. This makes a lot of sense.Its still good enough (in my opinion) because I can decide to invest a fixed amount in crypto every year through my business, pay the corporation tax on it and leave it in the Crypto account to grow.

  14. Yeah, my comment was in no way negative towards your decision. I also hold crypto. Keep hodling!

  15. I pretty much try to call out anything where people are saying their statist team is better than another statist team.

  16. This is great. Hadn't thought of Honduras as a residency option. Do you spend any time there (and are you required to)?

  17. The way this is phrased allows me to conclude that you are "on the right" (vs. the left). Which means what, exactly?

  18. Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most Bali vibes I have ever experienced outside of SEA.

  19. It probably depends how long the process takes. Those tickets are typically valid for 48hrs, up to 2 weeks.

  20. The town of tamarindo blows though. Unless you like people from the US on a week long vacation and party.

  21. Haha, fair enough. Although with the kids in school, we've found a nice group expats to socialize with. And I think it's not as bad in the slow season. From what I hear it's a gong show come December. Part of why we'll be moving on then.

  22. It seems that's because too many people on both sides don't understand the difference between an economic model and a political model.

  23. Having been in situations where I actually had to use business insurance, I highly recommend using a (somewhat) local broker.

  24. This is in Canada. I probably should have added that to the suggested title. But I don't disagree. Here in the USA it's shit not just because of the government, but the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals who have government in their pockets. But government is always standing there whenever there is severe failure to be found.

  25. I wonder, given the medical industry in the US and Canada, if fake capitalism is actually worse than socialism.

  26. I'm working on detaching myself from a relationship with the state in my home country and being able to decide how, when and where I engage with the state as much as possible.

  27. Stripe is the obvious one, but as you note fees will be +/- 3%. I'm not sure if stripe lowers their rate based on volume, but they may.

  28. USPS, yes, not sure about FedEx, probably similar to UPS.

  29. You'll likely want to use EBITDA in this case, which you can calculate from the P&L.

  30. Seems simple. If you perform any ongoing maintenance or support, you should charge for it. If you don't, then don't...

  31. I sold my two businesses in my early 30s, and went back to University to go to graduate school. It was definitely the right thing to do for my own personal growth and motivation. I was burned out and just done with what I was doing. I needed something new and a way to push myself farther.

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