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  1. You need 2 sport bras (cause they should be washed often, right?), at least 1 light colored bra that fits, and a bra that fits in any color when the other bras are washed. So like yeah, 2 is enough if you don’t exercise. I have 4 bras (not including sport bras) now, all of them were my sister’s.

  2. אם לו מותר לקרוא לנו אנרכיסטים, אז אני יכולה כמה שבא לי לקרוא לו פאשיסט (חוץ מזה מה ההגיון פה איך אנרכיסטים מכניסים מישהו לכלא. גם ובמיוחד המיתוסים על אנרכיזם לא מסתדרים עם זה)

  3. Having his own charity at the age of 22? Most of us are eating ramen noodles in a shack they share with roommates. That was a big tell.

  4. I know people who eat ramen noodles in a shack they share with roommates working for a NPO at 22

  5. I wanna know what’s Adam and P’s relationship is like. Cause who tf someone who’s a bully. This can’t be a good idea. Even if he was just a bully and not Z’s bully, they should’ve still disapproved of this relationship.

  6. Average life expentancy counts all human life, including the ones who die early. Even if the number 33 is missleading, with a little bit of knowledge it gives a perfect pictur of what life was like in the middle ages.

  7. No it isn’t. A perfect picture would’ve been a four dimensional graph where the inputs are age, year and income and output being percentile of people who died that year that age with that income

  8. Yes, twice. Once at 6th grade history test and once at 8th grade sorting test. Just looking over and seeing an answer by accident, and then using it.

  9. A reminder that computer programming has been stereotypically classed as 'women's work' for longer historically than it's been a male dominated field. Yet strangely it became well respected at the exact same time it became associated with men and women were pushed out...

  10. Wasn’t it the other way around? Computing became important so women were pushed out?

  11. what are you doing as a partner that feels invalidated when someone makes this joke?

  12. And you sell seashells on the seashore

  13. I was going to make a comment about avoiding child slavery, but that was at Ivory Coast, so nvm

  14. Venezuela also has high inflation. Low human development index doesn’t sound that bad for me personally. Also what’s the point of choosing Afghanistan over Venezuela if it was just about danger?

  15. You fool! You have just allowed me to use דֶרֶך אַגַב

  16. Idk. Had a friend kinda confess to me, and I rejected him. A few weeks ago we texted more than I regularly do and a few weeks later I was slightly uncomfortable with him but relationship turned to a normal course after a while

  17. Strictly speaking, you can do whatever you want. Shakespeare made up a whole bunch of words in his plays.

  18. As a non native English speaker I’d just assume it’s a word I never read and have my English teacher mark off points on my next test (I finished English so this won’t happen anymore)

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