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  1. Seemed too constant to be a natural phenomenon, thanks for your input though:) Why is a minnesota person replying here? Oh heck

  2. Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?

  3. Me and my friend used to take turns climbing into this big cardboard box I had for a TV or something and make kitten noises out by the wall in front of our house. People thought it was our family just throwing out a cat.

  4. Leitrim. Everyone would forget they exist and theyd waltz into power after the other counties had annihilated each other

  5. "I was able to find the sky hooks you asked for but they'd no indicator fluid... Hey Where'd everyone go?" -Leitrim, 2027

  6. I used my passport throughout my time in university. It was so worn and battered from all the abuse it would get when I'd be out drinking. Fast forward six or seven years and I'm on a bus crossing into Ukraine to check out Euromajdan and I'm the only one out of about 60 people taken off the bus for a dodgy passport. But when they took me to the room to ask me some questions all the immigration officers were banging hotties, like four or five ten out of tens. Was great!

  7. Slenderman called and he wants his fingers back

  8. I like the British approach. Stand by your guns, adapt.

  9. If you could pack a bunch of lead shielding to protect yourself from radiation if there's a nuke it might put them at ease

  10. Look in spupervalue and dunes. Community notice boards. A lot of people are posting casual labor offers that are likely cash in hand. Minding kids, doing gardens, cleaning houses. 40h between here and Christmas should be doable.

  11. Came into the hotel I worked in about 4/5 months ago landed in 15 mins before closing wanted food made, reluctant to pay for his drink and acted like I wasn’t even there. He had 2 security guards with him who were genuine fellas very nice men but Leo on the other hand not a nice fella.

  12. Why wouldn't he pay for his drink?

  13. Its not that he said he wasnt paying for it but when I held the card machine out for him and asked for payment he just ignored me and continued talking to his PA i had to ask him 3 times

  14. Loved him in High Fidelity. He's always a riot.

  15. The movie that launched a singing career that launched a movie career

  16. I think Kaczyński will cling to life for an unnatural amount of time like the emperor in Star Wars

  17. There's a cracking vodka tasting tour

  18. Are you sure you read the Czech Republic one right? Brno is the name of a city there

  19. Is this CopperCab? Hasn't the internet already roasted you enough? And that sweater colour really brings out your dead soulless eyes.

  20. If this guy's not been to a manicurist he's definitely thought about it. Them's lady fingernails.

  21. And an estate agent and a vested interest wouldn't lie would they?

  22. Surely they would benefit from saying the opposite to encourage people to sell

  23. I think you've already been through the

  24. I feel very jealous of the people who have such open relationships with their mums that they dance in the kitchen with them. Meanwhile I grew up embarrassed to do anything 'abnormal' around either of my parents and buried any sort of inkling for self expression.

  25. Your ancestors are the reason other Vikings went off on boats to other countries

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