1. Is it paid? Can you give me more info! I heard about Peacock and Paramount Plus too

  2. I sold it but I used to play with the RF settings If I am not mistaken and sometimes helped…I had a much better experience overall with the JBL 9.1

  3. What did you do to make it work, Hi , mine is not playing atmos on Disney plus from my apple 4k TV, please help

  4. I use ATV4K and a JBL 9.1 Atmos soundbar and get Atmos flawlessly. It is set to passthrough and connected via eARC. ATV4K into de JBL 9.1 HDMI and JBL 9.1 eARC into the Samsung tv eARC.

  5. I got the JBL bar 9.1 in February on a CX with PS5 and have been in love ever since. The bass levels are amazing and overall sound quality has been great it really brings the immersion in games to the next level and the detachable rechargeable speakers are next level imo

  6. I got one to replace my first gen ATV 4K simply for the thread support but I was shocked at how much snappier the interface feels. I’ve always preferred the ATV to all the other streaming devices because they all feel dog-slow in comparison. This one is even faster!

  7. I am also looking at the JBL 9.1. I currently have a Sony HT-Z9F. My big complaint with the Sony is that the wireless subwoofer will frequently lose connectivity. Has anyone experienced this with the JBL 9.1? For this reason, I have tried finding a soundbar with a wired subwoofer. But Bose seems to be one of the few that offer this feature. Any thoughts on connectivity issues with wireless subs?

  8. Sold my Sony for the 9.1 and much better! No connectivity issues for me.

  9. Never had that happen…first of all it’s refurbished and second of all yes try a Zeskit HDMI cable.

  10. Yes, when you receive a notification wipe it to the left on your watch, click the ‘...’ and you can disable notifications :)

  11. Sometimes I receive them and sometimes I dont and quickly disappear too

  12. Yes I am waiting for a notification to appear con my apple watch to try your method!

  13. I decent 5.1 soundbar with non existent Atmos. JBL 9.1 outperformed it.

  14. Wait for the new JBL Atmos lineup

  15. Go with JBL man 100%. I had every samsung soundbar up to they 910b and they all suck. Hopped over to a JBL 5.1 sorround and wow you can totally tell these guys specialty is audio. Thats been my experience.

  16. I'm new to buying soundbars. I have a question, do we always need Atmos supported content to hear the difference of Dolby Atmos? Does non-Atmos content also sound better with Dolby Atmos soundbars?

  17. Of course yes we need at least soundbars with Upward Firing drivers by force! All those gimmicky soundbars with virtual Atmos suck (tried them before myself). And for Non Atmos content the only difference I feel is when surround comes from all of the speakers even the upward firing ones and creates like a 3D dome effect against a Non Atmos Soundbar.

  18. Ok, thanks a lot for the explanation. Can you recommend me some soundbars under $400?

  19. Atmos under $400 it’s hard for me to recommend, I am not the adequate person for that. From my experience proper Atmos soundbars range between $800-$1,600 with actual Up Firing drivers…Caleb Denison from Digital Trends talks alot about the Vizios between the $300-$500 range.

  20. The jbl is actually a 5.1.4 sound bar that reviewers give it an ok rating. The 930b gets great reviews. Where I’m at the price at Best Buy is often at 850 a 900 open box. Vizio don’t know too much about. If you have the cash get the Samsung

  21. Not necessarily but you should point your rear speakers towards the listening position so buy the appropriate adjustable brackets for them.

  22. Does uncalibrating works on 5.1 too? 😄

  23. JBL 9.1 and upcoming JBL 1000 model

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