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  1. The orange and white ones are a type of Molly(correction platy/sword tail) , as are the black and orange.

  2. I have the same problem with my clown pleco. It doesn’t even eat blanched vegetables. I think it only eats the Malaysian driftwood

  3. It's a beautiful koi. It belongs in a pond though

  4. Its a tumor. Unfortunately, dragonscale bettas are extra prone to tumors. If you want, you can perform surgery to remove it. But do tons of research beforehand

  5. Aww its a baby girl!! Looks like one of mine. Not sure what to name her though

  6. Awww poor thing. Looks like an ulcer. Put the little guy in quarantine, do daily treatments, water changes, etc. Use antibacterial stuff like aquarium salts and medicine

  7. I'm going to be taking him home tonight. I think the infection might be bacterial and I'm not sure what to use to help him. Whatever this is has progressed very fast

  8. Well do you have any medicine? I can tell you which ones would work

  9. Looks like a defect. It doesn't look diseased, I'm thinking it might be a birth defect or something

  10. Theyre some type of livebearer, probably platies

  11. His eyes look weird, maybe he got popeye or something? Try treating him with antibacterial medicine

  12. Like what? I have some Melafix and Pimafix here - never used either, but bought them just in case. Not sure what antibacterial medicine would be best for him.

  13. Melafix, but be careful. "Fix" medications can hurt their labyrinth organ so don't do full doses

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